People Behind KDE: Olivier Goffart

Today's star of People Behind KDE is a member of what was once described as "the younger generation of Kopete developers". This man talks Messenger and Jabber nativly but only communicated on IRC thanks to Babelfish. Learn about the trials of a Kopete developer in our interview with Olivier Goffart.


Now that I have a laptop, I'm missing a fast tool to quickly switch from one network to another.

Try knetworkmanager. It is nothing short of amazing. Finally something that is not only as good as the windows method, but better. This was something I missed for a very long time as all the previous similar programs were quite clunky to use or just didn't work at all for me.

By Leo S at Thu, 2006/07/27 - 5:00am

Does knetworkmanager work well with ndiswrapper? I have to use that to use my wireless..

By cirehawk at Fri, 2006/07/28 - 5:00am

It works for me. I am using opensuse 10.1 and a Hama wlan adapter with RT2500 Chipset. Strangely it works only when I use knetworkmanager. When I try the old way without knetworkmanager I get no connection between adapter and router.

By Roland at Fri, 2006/07/28 - 5:00am

I never tried it with ndiswrapper, since the open source broadcom drivers worked with less hassle for me. The only thing that doesn't work is the signal strength. Every network shows as full strength.

By Leo S at Fri, 2006/07/28 - 5:00am

I heard something a few months ago about open source broadcom drivers. You mean they are in a usable state? Where would I find these drivers? I would definitely rather use a native linux driver than ndiswrapper.

By cirehawk at Fri, 2006/07/28 - 5:00am

The answer is just a few key strokes away!
ggl:opensource broadcom drivers

By Albert Astals Cid at Sat, 2006/07/29 - 5:00am

What is your favourite place in the world?

+10 Geek points for this answer :)

By Anony Moose at Fri, 2006/07/28 - 5:00am

And what does ::1 mean for non geeks like me.

By Anonymous at Fri, 2006/07/28 - 5:00am

Well, I assume that the answer is based on the saying "There's no place like home", except that his answer can be read as "There's no place like localhost" - ::1 is the ipv6 equivalent of (aka localhost) in ipv4.

By Michael Jahn at Fri, 2006/07/28 - 5:00am

humm, a user of ipv6...

By funbar at Fri, 2006/07/28 - 5:00am

You are a true geek, sir.

My mouse clicks for you.


By BenAtPlay at Mon, 2006/07/31 - 5:00am

sorry, but this phrase is just "too old" and "too well known" to be geeky.

By Dani at Mon, 2006/07/31 - 5:00am

Why is KDE being developed? Its a proprietary shell. To promote true freedoms shouldnt you guys be using and developing for GNOME. I have yet to see a true commercial or important softrware application target the QT and KDE platforms.

By ChrisA at Thu, 2006/08/03 - 5:00am

> I have yet to see a true commercial or important softrware application target the QT and KDE platforms.

Google Earth is one such application.

By Anonymous at Thu, 2006/08/03 - 5:00am

> Its a proprietary shell.
You seem to have been infected by a troll. Please take the following vaccine, so you don't contaminate others: http://kdemyths.urbanlizard.com/topic/10. Thank you.

By TrollDetector2000 at Mon, 2006/08/07 - 5:00am