Trolltech Releases Preview of Qt for Java

Trolltech has released a preview of the long awaited Java bindings for Qt 4. "Qt Jambi technology integrates Qt with the Java programming language, providing new possibilities for both Java and C++ programmers. This technology enables Java developers to take advantage of the powerful features of Qt from within Java Standard Edition 5.0 and Java Enterprise Edition 5.0." More information on the Jambi press release and tech details in the Jambi whitepaper. To get your copy sign up to the preview licence (final release will be also available under an open source license) and download. There is an FAQ
and Trolltech wants to get your feedback on the qt-jambi-interest list.
Update: Trolltech developer Gunnar Sletta provides more details in his blog.

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by ac (not verified)

Java won't be used for retail applications regardless of whether there are Qt bindings.

Once again, nobody cares about Java Qt bindings. Windows people will just be using .NET and open source desktop people just don't use Java.

by Ben (not verified)

Why put in sooo much effort to enter a saturated market when there are other languages and platform dying for real GUI support?

I mean, java has AWT, SWING, SWT, Eclipse RCP, GTK bindings, etc, etc

If Trolltech put in the same effort at all to support QtRuby or PyQt, it would quickly become the default GUI development system.

Just my $0.02

by Morty (not verified)

It's a pure business decision, the Java market is way bigger than Ruby and Python put together. Getting a few percentages of the Java market(the closed source part) will generate more revenue, in the same way regular Qt does(The saturated market comment was used when that was introduced too).

Besides, the existing Python bindings for Qt are already widely used and mature. Making any inroad there harder, and they will essentially compete against themselves. While the existing Ruby bindings don't have the track record in stability and completeness of it's Python counterpart, it has come a long way and it's still improving.

by Richard Dale (not verified)

"While the existing Ruby bindings don't have the track record in stability and completeness of it's Python counterpart, it has come a long way and it's still improving."

I think the Qt3 version of QtRuby is complete, stable and directly comparable with PyQt. They are both pretty much feature complete and cover the KDE apis too. It makes more sense to compare the Qt4 versions of PyQt and QtRuby, and I get the impression that they are at a similar stage.

Note that Ruby book sales have just surpassed perl book sales, after overtaking python sales a few months ago, so don't underestimate the coming popularity of the language...

-- Richard

by anon2 (not verified)

i agree too little too late in the sence of cookies in the cookie jar, it is a great idea dont get me wronge.. just a few years behind like said, 4 or even 2 years ago would have been key but the fact that they are doing ti now is a) a Great idea and B)Well Over due!

by Mike Tammerman (not verified)

Will KDE also provide the KDE libraries in Java. When will I use KPrinter from Java.

by Developer too (not verified)

I found it to be good looking, but slower than other toolkits.
Hopefully this will mature over time.

Note to those "not interested in Java", omfg, can you please leave this forum, why are you posting such comments if you are not even using it? It's like me leaving an opinion in a Cobol forum... just a waste of space and time (yes, the entire continuum...)