Valgrind Receives Google-O'Reilly Award; Releases 3.2

Julian Seward, father of the the famous Valgrind, an opensource tool for debugging and profiling your applications, won this years Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award for "Best Toolmaker". This years ceremony was the second of the annual event. Congratulations, Julian! In other news, Valgrind 3.2 has been released. The two most notable changes are huge speed and memory gains in Memcheck (up to 30% faster) and the addition of the popular Callgrind. Additionally, the valgrind-based profiler frontend KCacheGrind is available as a seperate package.

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by Harry (not verified)

Valgrind has proven to be a very, very good tool indeed. It's actually so good that we develop on Windows, but profile our applications with Valgrind on Linux!

Congratulations to Julian Seward for his awesome work!

by gert (not verified)

Congratulations for Julian! Enjoy the champagne. Valgrind is a great tool to have in your shed. It surely saved me a couple of head-aches looking for memory leaks and without exaggeration, I can say that I could speed up my code with 30% thanks to its profiling capbilities. In fact, a print-out of a profiling diagram created with KCachegrind using Valgrind data is still on my white board to trigger the curiosity of people entering my office in the hope to convince them to use Valgrind ;-)

by cstim (not verified)

Congratulation to Julian from here as well!

The message above contains a typo: it should say "and the addition of the popular Callgrind" instead of cachegrind. Cachegrind has been shipped with valgrind forever, only callgrind was available as a separate package, which has changed in valgrind-3.2 where it was included.

Way to go!

by Jonathan Riddell (not verified)


by Caisheng Liu (not verified)

I have just utilized this tool for short time, but it already helped
me solve very critical issues and save me lots of time.
My grateful thanks to the great tool and author!

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

We use it in Amarok, its quite helpful. But (understandably) very slow - good to hear about the speed improvements. :)

by Pedram Nimreezi (not verified)

Once I learned valgrind there was no going back...