People Behind KDE: John Tapsell

Curious about the man responsible for the application behind CTRL-Esc? This postgrad student will make sure his application in KDE4 will 'flash up in a ball of fire and lightning, flames of fire torching random apps on the screen. It will settle down into a mind blowing beautiful interface, with only flickers of flames around the edges.' Want to see a Sneak Preview of KDE4? Or read all about FIFO and LIFO, Saki err Sake, heart attacks and the man responsible for breaking Konversation for five months? People Behind KDE presents John Tapsell.


Actually I'm just the current maintainer - other people have done most of the work. :)

By John Tapsell at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

Whoa, that KDE 4 splash looks awesome! Can't wait for KDE4...

By Bram Schoenmakers at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

You have got to be kidding.

The splash screen looks awfull. Kindergarden stuff. I actually think it was meant as a joke. Well, worked for me. Heh heh...there, I laughed. :P

By Alkis at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

I second this

By yeap at Thu, 2006/08/17 - 5:00am

Somebody on the IRC channel said they wanted the kde4 splash screen to be like the kde3 one, but more colourful. So I did just that :-)

By John Tapsell at Thu, 2006/08/17 - 5:00am

I think its great and that we should keep it :)

By rinse at Thu, 2006/08/17 - 5:00am

Best. Interview. Ever.

By Ian Monroe at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

Second that.

By Jocke "Firetech... at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

... I think I never laughed so much while reading a "People behind KDE". Especially the "What is your most embarrassing KDE moment?" section is brilliant.

Nice to see that even KDE developers are just humans, too :D

By Roland Wolters at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am


Sooooo funny!

Thanks for making me laugh and for that KSysGuard patch!!!

CU Dom

By Dominik Seichter at Thu, 2006/08/17 - 5:00am

"What is your favourite place in the world?
I don't know. I've seen so little. I want to travel and see more of it :)"

Go to Japan. Then stay there. It kicks Europe's *ss.

You know, they let you stay if you marry a Japanese person, and have a job. One down, one to go. ;)

By Apollo Creed at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

I'm not sure I would survive the weather :-) From what I hear, it's more severe than the UK - hotter summers, colder winters and wetter rainy seasons. I'd be a wet, burnt, frozen baka-gaijin.

By John Tapsell at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

Hotter summers is probably true, wetter rainy seasons too - colder winters... well, that's what *they* think. (Did I mention I'm from Sweden? ;))

By Apollo Creed at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

I read (in an atlas) that Japan is the most dangerous place in the world (natural disater-wise). They have earthquakes, hurricans, tunamis, and other nasty things.

Haha, (im from California so maybe I shouldn't laugh so much)

By ben at Sun, 2006/08/20 - 5:00am

Q: You're stuck on a train for 6 hours and are bored out of your skull. What do you do to amuse yourself?

A: Try to invent something. A hand-held Wikipedia reader. [...]

That one must definitely carry the words "Don't Panic" on it. :)

By Arend jr. at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am

Have a look yourself: ;)

By Apollo Creed at Wed, 2006/08/16 - 5:00am


What makes you develop for KDE instead of the competition?
We have competition?

That is all...

By Danil at Thu, 2006/08/17 - 5:00am

It's really nice to see the more personal side of the inhuman machines that have created KDE. I look forward to the next one.

By ZennouRyuu at Thu, 2006/08/17 - 5:00am

Well, there have been a lot of of personal, funny and interesting interviews before in the series, but this sure was one of the funniest :-)

By Göran Jartin at Thu, 2006/08/17 - 5:00am

However we are curious about KDE 4...

By Itchy at Fri, 2006/08/18 - 5:00am