First Konqueror Bug Triage Day

Last Wednesday was Konqueror Bug Day. The aim was to either confirm or close as many unconfirmed Konqueror bugs as possible, known as bug triage. About 150 bugs were dealt with. Collaboration happened on IRC (#konq-bugs), and on the wiki page. #kde-bugs on is already proving fertile ground for planning similar events in near future.

The experience gained resulted in communication with the Bugzilla developers, which will hopefully lead to even more efficient working in future events. The current idea is to do a weekly "Bug Triage Weekend", with a different target application each time. This is expected to result in a collaboration involving even more results and more fun. We hope to have a target number of bugs to triage ("This time we aim to deal with 200 bugs!").

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by AC (not verified)

Does the logo for "Opera Widgets" look familiar to anyone...?

by Patrick Trettenbrein (not verified)

KDE e.V. should sue them, shoudln't they? ;P

by Carewolf (not verified)

KDE only has trademark on gear with K.

The use of a gear even if it uses the KDE blue background is not protected.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Also others icons like the "Highest rate" and "Recently updated" look familiar - even more than the logo.

by AC (not verified)

the bad news is that their logo is nicer than ours.

by cobalt (not verified)
by Evil (not verified)

My Amiga 1000: Gears as the hourglass for the last 21 years.

by livingdots (not verified)

That's pretty bad. Some people might actually think that Opera (wich is non-Free, as in "free speech") is an KDE-project because of that!

Also, I noticed this in QNX:

IANAL, but KDE should seriously consider suing QNX and Opera.

by ch (not verified)

no we (i) are friedly people we dont sue anyone !

by Jaroslaw Staniek (not verified)

Starachowice, the city I grew up, uses gears along with its coat of arms for 40 for more years -

Gears are just so popular motive :)

by AC (not verified)

Yes, a lot of people use gears. A white gear on a shiny blue square, though...?

by Mark Taff (not verified)

To give you an idea of the progress we made, a graph of unconfirmed Konqi bug counts over the past four years is available at

I would also add that we are working on a program to facilitate bug triage and reduce duplication of effort even more.

Personally, I would like to see us get the count of unconfirmed Konqi bugs down to less than 900 before New Years Day 2006. I invite all of you to drop by #kde-bugs on and lend a hand. You don't have to dream in C++ to help!



by me (not verified)

I joined in quite late at the bug day, but it was fun and quite productive. You should do this again in a couple weeks!

by Philip Rodrigues (not verified)

You don't even have to *know* C++! :-) All you need is a fairly recent KDE installation and a bit of patience. Drop into #kde-bugs and we can help you to get started.

by annma (not verified)

I was getting my kde updated after 2 months leave so I could not participate to this event. I would be pleased to join other such events and I encourage all of you to join as it's a great way to get integrated in KDE, to do efficient work with efficient people and to learn more about KDE.

by Anonymous (not verified)

It's nice to see that Konqueror gets some attention.
With regard to the upcoming KDE 4 and the competitive, actively developed khtml backend, perhaps soon in better cooperation with Apple, has someone already plans for a dedicated Konqueror web browsing profile?
Imho this could and should be better separated from the features needed for local file browsing. The interface could be tidied a bit and some features for the web could be added, like reopening closed pages as in Opera (and Firefox 2.0 I think). Nothing is wrong with peeking at the competition :-)
The technology is there, now Konqueror just needs to persuade the user visually and by interface design that he's got a new favorite Web Browser.

by terracotta (not verified)

I think Konqueror should indeed borrow a bit more of the opera look, especially in the case where one tab is a website, another is somewhere on the hard drive, some other tab is an ftp-browser, another one a pdf,jpg...viewer..., if you have tabs above the toolbars as opera does there are less problems with shifting between tabs and jumping and humping toolbars. Just my 0,02. But well I guess I should contribute this feature :s.

by kubuntu-user (not verified)

... konqueror is driving me insane! Don't get me wrong: KDE is (imho) by far the most complete and usable desktop today with a lot of neat and highly integrated features. But I'm getting sick of constant crashes that I experience since KDE 3.2. I filed a bug-report at (50350) and ubuntu bugzilla (since I'm using Kubuntu Dapper, a wonderful distribution). I know, developers are mostly overworked and I'm getting everything for free in sense of "free beer" (but I donate money from time to time), but altough I'm thankful some bugs are just frustrating since they never get fixed...

Wanna see how to crash konqueror by just hitting enter for some time? Download the movie (mpeg through xvidcap, roughly 5 mb) and see it yourself:

by cm (not verified)

> Du hast die Datei test-0000.mpeg (4889 KB) angefordert. Diese Datei wurde
> schon 0 mal runtergeladen.
> Du hast das Downloadlimit für die kostenlose Nutzung erreicht. Willst du
> mehr runterladen?
> Hole dir jetzt deinen Premium-Account! Sofortige Download-Freischaltung!
> (Oder warte 78 Minuten)

I will wait 78 minutes to see Konqi crashing. Or pay for it. Yeah, right.
Forget rapidshare!

by kubuntu-user (not verified)

sorry, did not know where to put it elsewhere. you can try it yourself:

load google, enter something inside the search form, keep hitting enter (=submit) like crazy -> crash. maybe it doesn't crash. don't know why. all my hardware is supported and i can reproduce this crash on a fresh, clean installation.

by kubuntu-user (not verified)

it saying "62 seconds" here, by the way. so if you are still interested in seeing konqi krash... ;)