Amarok Weekly News Issue 4 Released

Late but worthy -- that's how one can call this issue of Amarok Weekly News. It talks about new or updated Amarok features, and continues to provide tips and links to interesting scripts. As a bonus, kind of a New Year gift, we provide you an experimental RSS feed, for your pleasure. Enjoy!

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by Mark Kretschmann (not verified) all our users! Have a great party, folks :)

by AJ (not verified)

What time is it at your end? We still have to wait for new year about 365 days... ;-)

by alphabet (not verified)

I love amarok, the weekly newsletter (delights me more than a cherry!) and my collection of songs. For the former 2: compliments guys!
Btw, what's that 'labelling dialog' that is shown under the 'stars' screenshot? What is it supposed to do? I find that reeeally cool!

by Ljubomir (not verified)

It is used for labeling your tracks. Every track in Amaroks database can be given an arbitrary number of user-defined labels. They are used for creating playlists, and easy locating files. For example, I assign "Guitar Hero" label to every song in my collection which is available in Guitar Hero PS2 game, "Interesting" label to song which I hear for first time, but I would like to hear it again, and "Cover" label to tracks which are not preformed by their original artists. It's cool. :)

by Max (not verified)

I'm not an Amarok user, but it looks interesting. Does Amarok has radio support via V4L?

by Ljubomir (not verified)