People Behind KDE: Daniel Molkentin

For the next interview in the fortnightly People Behind KDE series we meet a developer who has unfinished business with midges, someone who prefers bullets to stars - tonight's star of People Behind KDE is Daniel Molkentin.


I just noticed that this series is in its third season and on a new domain to boot. Glad to see People Behind KDE alive, and to be reading this interview.

Amazing to think that Daniel was just 15 years old when he first heard of KDE!

By KDE User at Thu, 2007/01/18 - 6:00am

Hi, I met Daniel at the KDE anniversary in Esslingen. He really is a nice guy with great visions for KDE.

By Bernhard Rode at Thu, 2007/01/18 - 6:00am

Thanks Daniel for changing stars to bullets.. they really look cool with password fields..

Frugalware 0.6rc2 and kubuntu feisty 7.04 already has your contribution :)

By Asif Ali Rizwaan at Thu, 2007/01/18 - 6:00am

There is no Kubuntu Feisty 7.04 yet and every distro release or development version shipping KDE 3.5.6 will feature that.

By Anonymous at Thu, 2007/01/18 - 6:00am

And FC6 will almost certainly get 3.5.6 as an update, so unless you're using the development version of Feisty or backported packages from kde.org, we'll likely get it before you. :-)

By Kevin Kofler at Fri, 2007/01/19 - 6:00am

using gentoo compiling kde from svn sources I for one have to say: I alreasy 0wnz it. w00t.

By eMPe at Fri, 2007/01/19 - 6:00am

It was in my Windows desktop ages ago [ducks for cover]

Must have been ages ago because it's been ages since I had a Windows desktop

Danimo - I hope you did a patent search before you introduced this feature? We wouldn't want to be infringin on MS valuable IP


By Simon at Fri, 2007/01/19 - 6:00am

In case of any patent problems I would suggest to replace the bullets with a lower case 'o'. What do you think?

By MM at Sat, 2007/01/20 - 6:00am

That makes two of us, Gentoo+KDE+k3b+mplayer+beryl=PEFECTION

By Joshua Austill at Fri, 2007/01/19 - 6:00am

People Behind KDE seems to be taken down by script kiddies.

By ac at Tue, 2007/01/23 - 6:00am

Yup - fixed soon after though.


By Danny Allen at Fri, 2007/02/02 - 6:00am