Amarok 1.4.5 and AWN Issue 6 Released

The long-awaited Amarok 1.4.5 has finally been released. Major changes include an integrated Shoutcast stream directory, the new Magnatune music store re-download manager, support for track labeling, and improved sound quality when using the equalizer with xine engine. Many of the new features are explained in the latest issue of the Amarok Weekly Newsletter.

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by Benoit Jacob (not verified)

First of all: thanks to the Amarok team for another great release!

Here's a suggestion for Amarok 2.0: client/server separation. My dream would be to be able to run the collection database and the soundsystem on my home server, while using the GUI on my laptop.

Well, of course this is only a totally uninformed idea from a simple user :)

by Corbin (not verified)

You can already do that with X. Assuming both machines are running linux, just ssh -X [email protected] on the laptop, then once in there run 'amarok' and it'll appear on your laptop, while everything is being ran from the desktop (including outputting the sound there).

by Robert Knight (not verified)

If you are running X over a network with ssh, I would strongly recommend including the -C flag to compress the data as well. It improves performance considerably.

So: ssh -XC user@host

ssh -X [email protected] "amarok"

Assuming you have your ssh key loaded in your agent, and have your pub key in .ssh/authorized_keys on the remote machine, you can make an icon on your local desktop that has that line as the executable.

But this probably isn't the kind of client/server seperation the original poster was asking about. When amarok quits locally, so does the music. He's probably looking for something more like mpd[1] or xmms2[2].


by Benoit Jacob (not verified)

I guess I forgot to say that I don't want to run a X server on my server...

Especially since the non-graphical part of Qt and now kdelibs has been isolated, I thought it would be possible to do the same in Amarok.

by Will Stephenson (not verified)

"I guess I forgot to say that I don't want to run a X server on my server..."

Classic X misunderstanding #1!

No X server runs on your server. An X client (amarok) runs there and uses the X server on your laptop for its display.

by Benoit Jacob (not verified)

Very interesting, I didn't know!

by Anarky (not verified)

The only problem with X client/server is that if you close the X server (on your laptop), it stops the client (amarok on your server).
It would be useful to have some kind of X proxy to keep the session runing (as screen does for terminal) but I don't know one.

BTW, if Amarok 2 starts using phonon, with the appropriate backend, it would allow you to do that also (open files on the server through KIO, then send the sound back for example with NMM)

by serfiusens (not verified)

you could check out nx/freenx to accomplish this.

I've been wanting this too, but not via X forwarding or anything like that. I have a server which runs headless, and doesn't have KDE or xorg installed, and I use mpd/mpc to use it as an audio server. I've always wanted Amarok to be able to control mpd though. Anyone have any plans of implementing this capability?

by Beat Wolf (not verified)

i think i have seen a amarok plugin in that does that

by Chris (not verified)

You're welcome to try out AmarokMPC [1] and give some feedback.


by Chris (not verified)

Sorry, that went wrong. The link is


by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

I'm not sure whether Amarok should include the server part, but maybe they could provide a nice interface to slimserver ( and/or Jinzora (

by Morty (not verified)

Having remote sound will become be even cooler than usin the X way of today. With KDE 4, using Phonon with the NMM backend will give lots of interresting new possiblities.

by dangle (not verified)

A fantastic summary of features as always, ljubomir - you have a great way of presenting information from all over the place in a simple, concise manner that's a pleasure to read.

Thank you!

by fish (not verified)

I second that - great work! <3

Maybe you could add that the fs-interface is still in development and pretty new...

by reldruh (not verified)

Does fs stand for full screen? As in If it does I heartily second that. I'd love to see an interface like that in amarok.

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

Its called Amarok Full Screen...

Stuff like this is the reason we have a script interface.

by fish (not verified)

You're not the only one! ;)

by NabLa (not verified)

Just using it right now :) v cool! there is a little problem when any of the "album" or "track name" is very long... will report in kde-look

by Tim (not verified)

Yeah but it doesn't look like they've improved the next track speed (takes about 1/2 second for me), or made the previous track button work in random mode...

by superstoned (not verified)

i really like the mockup, tough it has some problems. the top web-2.0-like bar is way too big, imho, and to drag'n'drop songs to the playlist you first have to go past the context window, not really handy.

but the playlist looks good (better than current), and the bigger context window is great. imho this has a future ;-)

by Janssen (not verified)

What I personally miss with Amarok and media players in general is a way to detect
synonymous artists when you have MP3. Of course you can correct it manually...

H. Grönemeyer should the same as Herbert Grönemeyer etc. On what level can be synonymous or mispelled descriptions be stored and corrected. Would the wikipedia redirect be helpful?

Amarok here creates two different artist categories.

by Chris (not verified)

I'm not speaking on behalf of the Amarok-team, but I guess that won't happen. This topic is highly complex and up to now there doesn't seem to be any system that can offer the solution you're asking for. Just to give a short example: Check for "Prodigy" and "The Prodigy" and you will realise that there are actually two different entries. Merging them would be a hugh mistake.