People Behind KDE: Inge Wallin

For the next interview in the fortnightly People Behind KDE series we travel north to Sweden to meet a developer and promotion guru who is charting a course toward success, someone who should not be crossed in a dojo - tonight's star of People Behind KDE is Inge Wallin.


...when will People Behind KDE interview Danny? :o)

By Anonymous at Thu, 2007/02/15 - 6:00am

Talking to oneself isn't generally considered a sane behaviour :-)

By Thiago Macieira at Thu, 2007/02/15 - 6:00am

lol ;)

that is the funniest sentence i read in the dot, of course after the Celeste Paul interview

By djouallah mimoune at Thu, 2007/02/15 - 6:00am

eh sorry what is Shodan ?

By djouallah mimoune at Thu, 2007/02/15 - 6:00am

Means you get the black belt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shodan
Pretty cool to hear, since it's a big step. :)

Shodan literally means "first degree", because by then you should have the "complete base". At that moment you've practiced for a minimum of for 6 years, likely longer. After that your Aikido keep evolving. You'll learn to implement the techniques in different forms (i.e. using lot's of space and avoid all friction, or applying pressure to a partner, etc..)

By Diederik van de... at Thu, 2007/02/15 - 6:00am

And of course you forgot to mention that Shodan used to be a character in a DOS computer game called SystemShock.


Perhaps you noticed the domainname in my e-mail. Shodan is also a free Dutch hosting service but is going to be shut down anywhere soon when people don't request anymore accounts soon. Oh, and I did not name it Shodan myself, some student did :-)

By Niels van Mourik at Thu, 2007/02/15 - 6:00am

I think you should look a bit closer at this picture of Inge:

> http://behindkde.org/people/ingwa/images/playing.jpg


Or off couse, we could request signatures for free ads :)

Diederik van der Boor
Software developer and Open Source contributor
Working on KMess, a MSN Messenger client for KDE

By Diederik van de... at Thu, 2007/02/15 - 6:00am

I haven't been able to log into IRC for some time now, and one of the biggest bummers as a result is not being able to chat with Inge. I got spoiled during the KOffice 1.5 and 1.6 release times.

And now I need my Inge fix. Is this healthy? At least more than interviewing yourself I suppose.

By Wade Olson at Thu, 2007/02/15 - 6:00am

Here you go.

I'm not sure we should use the dot comments as our chat board, though.

By Inge Wallin at Fri, 2007/02/16 - 6:00am