New KDE 4 Preview Shows Progress is reporting that the New KDE 4 preview shows progress. The article has comments from developers Will Stephenson and Aaron Seigo about the new additions to the pre-release and the improved release process which should see more frequent updates. It also discusses what will happen to the KDE 3 branch and even asks when KDE 4 will be released.

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by Debian User (not verified)

That was a good article, me thinks.

It's good, and probably a result of too, that the press is well informed.

One question that I have though, is there really going to be no kwin? I am no Windows user, but for my part, I am certain, that the focus stealing prevention, more flexible Window behaviour, etc. would be really worth it. Or is this understood to be only initially the case?

Best regards,

by Will Stephenson (not verified)

As far as I know it's not planned to adapt KWin for Windows. I suspect that the reason is that the shell is far more tightly integrated than on *nix and that makes it impractical to replace one of its 'components'.

I'd want people to have some practical reasons left to move to a Free Software operating system, as well :).