People Behind KDE: Mauricio Piacentini

For the next interview in the fortnightly People Behind KDE series we switch continents, travelling to Brazil to meet a cool-headed draftee with a 'cooler' pet, someone who keeps it in the family and who loves to both play and create games - tonight's star of People Behind KDE is Mauricio Piacentini.


I really enjoyed your people behind article, Mauricio. Keep rocking! And the same goes for the team behind behind.

I did know that Free Software is rocking in Brazil, but didn't know that it's that KDE-centric. Really nice to read!

By Sebastian Kügler at Thu, 2007/03/01 - 6:00am

The personality of Mauricio fills you with enthusiasm... After i met him at Akademy, i wanted to involve myself in KDEgames... He rocks.

By Johann Ollivier... at Thu, 2007/03/01 - 6:00am

digg this story! ok, just kidding

By mvd at Thu, 2007/03/01 - 6:00am

a year ago I had never heard of linux and now I'm a dyed-in-the-wool convert, and I love KDE. keep up the great work; i have high hopes for kde4!


By zach powers at Sun, 2007/03/04 - 6:00am