K3b 1.0 Has Finally Landed

I am proud to announce the release of K3b 1.0. After years and years of development, all the sweat (actually in the summer it can get sticky in front of the screen), all the tears (ok, admittedly, not that many), and all the countless hours I spent on a single application finally we have what I think is worth the big 1. K3b has come a long way since the early days in 1998 when it started as a dummy project for me to learn C++ and Qt development. The reason for that (besides my hacking) is the amazing feedback I got from the open source community and especially all the KDE worshippers. Give yourself a hand. Without all of you K3b would not have lived this long. I also want to thank Mandriva for supporting the K3b development these last few months. Their KDE support makes a big difference. A ChangeLog is also available.

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by MK (not verified)

the title says it all... impressive work! Thanks a lot for K3b!

by Troy Unrau (not verified)

This is one of my best KDE applications, so a big thank you :)

So the obvious question though is, what are your plans for the application? Can a pretty much perfect program get better? KDE 4 porting? etc.

Cheers *toasts to k3b*

by cossidhon (not verified)

We'll, as allready mentioned in another article, the inclusion of the functionality as k9copy provides, would make it _the_ perfect app. It's like merging Nero with DVDshrink...

by Martin (not verified)

Nah. Copying DVD:s is lame. You should be making your own. Include a DVD authoring tool instead!

by Louis (not verified)

K3B seems like it should've been a 1.0 a long time ago. I've been using it to make CD's and DVD's for years. For that, I thank you. I appreciate your effort to make it very stable and loaded with features before deeming it version 1. Like others, I can't wait to see what you have planned for the future.

by Niels van Mourik (not verified)

Congratulations to all the people who have been hardly working on K3b, especially Sebastian!!!

I think Louis is right, K3b 0.12* was already very stable, so K3b deserved a 1.0 release way earlier. ;)

I assume it is going to be ported (as _many_ people rely on it) to KDE4 anyway. But besides that I was wondering if the project is going to change it's name into K4b (I've always assumed the 3 is from KDE3)?. Another thing I was wondering is if K?b is going to be ported to other platforms?

Thumbs up!

by Joao (not verified)

First of all, a big thank you to Sebastian! What a great app K3b is.

Second (in answer to Niels):
"And if you ever wondered what K3b stands for: K is obviously from KDE, 3b=bbb=burn, baby, burn!" ... so the "3" doesn't seem to be related to a specific KDE version.

by Eckhart Wörner (not verified)

IIRC K3b is an abbreviation of "KDE Burn Baby, Burn", so the "3" has nothing to do with KDE 3.

by Pierre (not verified)

Just name it KDE Burn Baby, Burn Better


by whatever noticed (not verified)

There already is an application called K4D.

Renaming k3b to k4b would make less unique in name.

by Jakob Petsovits (not verified)

Also, there is already an application called K-3D.

However, I think that it's not such a great idea to rename K3b for renaming's sake, especially if the 3 doesn't relate to the KDE version. Makes for bad promotionability.

Sebastian, K3b 1.0 is awesome! Thanks so much for your steady work, this is what makes K3b one of the best and most important free software applications that exist. Keep on rocking with K3b and Nepomuk!

by Troy Unrau (not verified)

This is indeed the reason it's called k3b. I don't think there's any good reason to change it.

by olahaye74 (not verified)

K3B IMHO means
- KDE Free Burner
(K three B)

A free burning app for KDE.

K4B would mean KDE For Burn.... less sexy ;-)

by AC (not verified)

Three (3), free. It disn't the same, but it does rhyme. I don't know, I'm a Windows user.

by Lans (not verified)

Never thought of it that way, funny pun.

by Stuart Longland (not verified)

K3B is definitely a quality application. I've been using it for a long time myself, prior to that, I was using XCDRoast.

It integrates nicely into KDE applications, supports many features, and is reliable. I've never had a serious problem with it. It does exactly what I ask of it, every time.

If more applications were constructed in the same manner as K3B, the IT industry would look a lot better.

by superstoned (not verified)

So true. K3B really has that *just works* quality. Recently, tried to burn a CD. So I do a rmb on a ISO file, to burn it. K3B turns up. Wait, I have no cd burner attached - so I grab an usb one, attach it - hit burn - and it just starts. No configuration or anything at all. Didn't even have to restart K3B... I don't remember if the burn dialog was already there and it immediately enabled the burn button, but at least it just showed up in the devices section and was usable.

by Ryan (not verified)

I also used XCDRoast initially on linux and absolutely hated it (I'm sure it has improved since then as this was many years ago).

K3b has joined the group of high quality applications (along with kopete + kmail + firefox + amarok) that I use everyday.

Congratulations Sebastian and to the rest of the K3B team for a job well done.

by Bent Terp (not verified)

Nothing much to add to what the others have said, except MY thanks!

by andrea (not verified)

thank you

by Marc Driftmeyer (not verified)

I presume that K3b will have changes before it is a KDE4 app, out-of-the-box since DCOP is being replaced with DBUS, or did I miss something?

by whatever noticed (not verified)

Every kde3 application needs some changes before it is a KDE 4 application.
K3b is no exception.
changing dcop into dbus is one of those changes..

by Gruffy (not verified)

That's a great news! :)
Sebastian, thank you for your wonderful work and commitment to the project!
I've been using K3b for years and it just works fine. We are with you, keep it going. :)

by -Flo- (not verified)

thanks for this great piece of software. Although i don't use it very much, it is really really amazing, what you have done.

by JakubZ (not verified)

I cannot express with words how grateful I am for this impressive high-quality application! It's applications like this that make me stay with linux. Again, many many thanks to you (and to Mandriva for supporting you).

by winter (not verified)

Thank you very much, Sebastian! K3b is truly a great piece of software. It has everything you need and want for burning.

by Frank Becker (not verified)

$SUBJECT is meant as a serious question.

Previous k3b versions were already the best CD/DVD burning software I've had the pleasure to use, and from the looks of the screenshots version 1.0 looks even better. So... is there a chance that the port to Qt4 opens a possibility for a Windows port of k3b?

by whatever noticed (not verified)

Well, k3b is a frontend for commandlinetools like transcode, cdrtools, growisofs, etc. etc.
AFAIK none of these are available under Windows..

by marrat (not verified)

Yes, the cdrtools are available for Windows. At least they were 4 years ago :-)

My congratulations for Version 1.0, too.

Macht weiter so, Jungs.

Grüße, marrat

by Darkelve (not verified)

For me, K3B is the best burning app out there! And I tried a few... It has all I want, and more. The 'feature' I'm looking forward now, is Amarok being able to use K3B's burning process so it can burn music CD's without starting 'full' K3B.

by superstoned (not verified)

afaik, K3B will have a library, making this possible.

by superstoned (not verified)

And I should've said: this is a future thing, it's coming ;-)

by apokryphos (not verified)

Certainly one of the greatest KDE applications available, and still one that I consistently see users of all desktop environments (GNOME, XFCE) using. :)

by superstoned (not verified)

It's not like they have much choice... K3B has always been lightyears ahead of the competition, just like Amarok and KPDF and several of the KDE edu apps like Kstars and Kalzium. And it seems we are getting more and more of these apps in KDE 4 :D

by encho (not verified)

Just to add my 2c. Keep up the excellent work. Nothing comes even close to K3b.

by tikal26 (not verified)

It looks like you have done some nice things with the GUI. I really like what you've done and what you have plan. Thanks for all your work.

by Caoilte (not verified)

K3b was the First KDE Killer App for me! Even before KMail, K3b was pulling ahead of what other CD burning apps (principally XCDRoast) could do.

I'm glad it's finally got a version number that won't scare people off!

by Abe (not verified)

K3B is the only CD burner I ever used, why use others if they are sub-quality! I still remember two years ago when I sent you an e-mail concerning a problem and, to my big surprise, I got an e-mail from you that solved the issue. That left a good impression and I am sure that I wasn't the only.

Congratulation on an excellent application. From the posts, it sure looks like you made many touched many people by making them happy. I am sure your are proud and satisfied. Keep up the good work and may be your next project would be in video screen capture and editing. Just a hint!

by fred (not verified)

thanks mandriva for zour support!

by panzi (not verified)

english on german keyboard or german on english keyboard? ;)

by Sal (not verified)

Sebastian, Just saying Thank You doesn't seem near enough for everything you've done with k3b! Your hard work and dedication has payed off in spades, everyone who uses Linux is deeply in your debt. May the road always rise to meet you.

by KubuntuUserExMa... (not verified)

Remember when KDE had the killer desktop/framework but not the killer appas ?

Well, now there are IMHO 4 killer apps in KDE. Apps that are clearly better than anything else inLinux, and most likely in any other OS.

* Konqueror as a all in one browser (thanks to kparts, etc)
* Amarok
* K3b
* KDevelop

There are other booming applications, like Digikam, that will soon reach this category. Not to mention the improvements with KDE4 (Phonon, Plasma ...). This is getting REALLY exciting. Thank you all for the outstanding work.

Sebastian, are you aware of the magnitude of your achievement?


by Fiasma (not verified)

For Amarok I still miss the features of the CD player and ripper.

iTunes is top of the class here.

That's all what is missing:
a) get rid off KCD
b) play CDs inside Amarok
c) rip the files as ogg
d) autocreate a torrent from a playlist.

by olahaye74 (not verified)

b) seems already there (1st menu, 3rd item...)
c) can be done using konqueror:
just use the audiocd:/ url and copy the ogg directory.....
d) may not be "ethical" ;-)

by Wyatt (not verified)

c) Is THAT what that's all about? I really wondered about that, but assumed it was a just cool CD that I put in. Where do I set options for things like bitrate and vbr level for that?

by panzi (not verified)

kcontrol -> Sound & Multimedia -> Audio-CDs

by MamiyaOtaru (not verified)

I'd rather not see KCD go away, at least not to be replaced by Amarok. I just don't like Amarok right now. I'm one of those who is amazed when people say konqueror has a cluttered UI (I like it how it is), but Amarok's UI is too much for me. Too much going on.

I'm quite content with Kaffeine (0.4.3) for videos, Okle for DVDs, Juk for mp3 and kcd for CDs. Do one thing, do it well.

by Andi (not verified)

sorry to put a feature request here, but it just came to my mind.

would it be possible/reasonable to integrate tools like nrg2iso or mdr2iso?

by Richard Moore (not verified)

Looking at the code of nrg2iso indicates that after some sanity checks, it just chops off the first 307200 bytes. It might make more sense to add support for doing this into k3b directly.

by Richard Moore (not verified)

Looking further, IAT seems like the best bet as it supports more formats. It's written by the author of mdf2iso and seems to be intended to replace it.