KDE App of the Month is Back with kdesvn

After one year of silence we are back with another issue of App of the Month. This time we selected a developer tool, kdesvn. It is a well integrated KDE client for subversion. The overview takes a look at some basic functions. We also have an interview with kdesvn's developer Rajko Albrecht, covering the development process and much more. Enjoy application of the month in English, German and Turkish (Turkish interview).

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by Jos van den Oever (not verified)

The interview has a very nice quote on software patents:

"In my opinion software is something like photography:
ideas are in 95% percent always the same. But the photo
itself is the special. Eg., I try to protect my photos.
But I would never piss someone having the same idea
making their own photos."

KdeSVN is great, the best SVN client I've tried. But because there is not integration with Quanta or real good integration with Kdevelop it's really hard to take advantage of it.

I listened that maybe Cervisia will include SVN support so Quanta will have SVN integration, but no have listened no more about it.

Note: Of course SVN kioslaves are NOT a solution for using SVN in Quanta and so.

kdesvn can be integrated with Quanta via Quanta's supportfor arbitrary Kparts as plugins. Go to Settings->Configure Plugins, add kdesvnpart (the file name is kde3/libkdesvnpart.la in Debian). Check 'read only part', select 'Project Folder' for input and whichever output window you prefer. Set the name and icon. Then, it will show up on the plugins menu.

Thanks, didn't know about it. I suppose this feature is relatively new since I couldn't find it some mouths ago.


I do not think it is particularly new, but it is well hidden.

hello, I've followed the schema you proposed but the plugin won't work on quanta.
I have slackware 12 and

Qt: 3.3.8
KDE: 3.5.7
kde-config: 1.0

I've double checked that the path is correct.
kdesvn itself works fine.

any idea?

... my #1 wish for future versions would be icon overlays in Konqueror to indicate the status of versioned files. Those who ever used TortoiseSVN know what I mean. I know that this is not currently possible with Konqueror, as Rajko told me in reply to a bug report, so this plea goes to the Konqueror devs: Please add an interface (D-Bus?) for the KDE 4 version of Konqueror (and maybe Dolphin) to make this possible. :-)

Best regards and thanks for this great program,

by Mark Volkert (not verified)

I use TortoiseSVN at work and like it too.
But the overlay is what I don't like. Specially when you have more than e.g. 200 project files, you don't get an overview about changed files. The file list is too big and you have to scroll. Crazy file icons make it even worse.

I like the different view modes of konqueror. Viewing directory contents like a file manager or viewing directory as a repository incl. a lot svn information.

Regards, Mark

by Diederik van de... (not verified)

> But the overlay is what I don't like. Specially when you have more than e.g. 200 project files, you don't get an overview about changed files.

I think both are useful.
- overlays to see what's changed in one folder.
- a list of files for lots of changes. I use the "SVN commit.." menu in TortoiseSVN for that.
- and perhaps a "svn diff | colordiff" overview because it still does things I can't do in a GUI.

I really like how TortoiseSVN does things. Konqueror/kdesvn should learn from it too.

Why don't you switch to the kdesvn kpart?
konqueror will nicely embed it and show you icons with overlays.

And if you have
Settings -> Save View changes per folder,

konqueror will automatically switch to kdesvn mode each time you enter the directory again.

I have currently the same problem with Kdesvn and rapidsvn.
Both clients are - hate to say that - lightyears away from
TortoiseSVN. Kdesvn have IMO a lot of bugs. After
update it says the files need a update in a loop. A commit fails
with a locked file and so on. It ofen crash.
If it hangs totally, i have to reboot Windows to fix the
situation in TortoiseSVN.

Even TortoiseSVN supports drag and drop to create a versioned
copy from e. g. branch to trunk. rapidsvn looks like to work
a bit better, but doesn't have drag'n drop and my try to
move a folder fails.