New Book on KDevelop

If you are able to read German and use or plan to use KDevelop, it is now possible to get the help of a newly published book. In "KDevelop - Einführung in die Entwicklungsumgebung" KDevelop contributors Jonas Jacobi and Robert Gruber will not explain in great length that "The 'New File' menu entry opens a new file", but concentrate on less self-explatory topics like advanced code navigation, documentation with Doxygen or using Valgrind with KDevelop. The book, published by Munich-based publisher Open Source Press, uses KDevelop 3.4 as a reference.

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by Uwe Thiem (not verified)

Mark Twain (who tried to learn German during his trip through Europe): "I rather decline two drinks than a German adjective!" ;-)

(neither an American nor a Brit)

by Carlo (not verified)

wunderbar :-)

by Birdy (not verified)

Thanks! I ordered it instantly - Together with Danimos Qt4 Book :-)