People Behind KDE: Volker Krause

For the next interview in the fortnightly People Behind KDE series we travel over to Germany to talk to the key to your personal information storage, a highly dedicated KDE-PIM developer (though hide any small animals when visiting his apartment!) - tonight's star of People Behind KDE is Volker Krause.


Volker is one of the PIM team and a typical one of them: hardworking and underexposed. There's a whole bunch of them slaving (sort of) away at less-than-glamorous applications and doing really good work. Thanks, Volker.

By Adriaan de Groot at Thu, 2007/04/19 - 5:00am

KNode is IMO one of the best usenet agents and I'm really addicted to it, I've tried many others but none convinced me to leave Knode :)
Great work!

By Vide at Thu, 2007/04/19 - 5:00am

Found this interview through g**gle even before it appeared on the dot :)
I was just curious who was behind this (for me unknown) name while I had a look on the libakonadi sources.

Also thanks from me to Volker and the other underground worker.

By michael at Fri, 2007/04/20 - 5:00am

Thanks Volker for all your good & hard work! It's definitely appreciated.

By Sebastian Kügler at Fri, 2007/04/20 - 5:00am