Qt Jambi Released Under GPL

Yesterday Trolltech released the second beta of Qt Jambi, the Qt API for Java. With this release we also released the source code including the Generator under GPL, opening the option for making KDE libs accessible to Java. Though it does not work together with gcj, it does work together with the open source Harmony Virtual machine and runtime. For more information look at my release blog or the official press release.

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by aam (not verified)

I tried the demo and eaths 106 mb of ram.

No thx.

by Gunnar Sletta (not verified)

I was thinking that this sounds way too much so I investigated a little bit. On Windows the webstart demo ends up on 85Mb on my machine using JDK1.6. Again, this is far more than expected so I tried running the demo launcher from the command line. From the command line it takes about 33.5Mb when by the time it comes up and that is not so bad.

So why is the webstart demo so much more expensive... Well, its partly because Java Webstart is implemented using Swing and is rather memory hungry on its own ;-) I checked the memory meter just before accepting the "do you trust Trolltech Developer enough to run this unsafe application". At this point Qt Jambi is not even loaded and webstart was eating 30 Mb.

To sum up, the number you see for memory use when running the webstart demo is not really a fair estimate of how Qt Jambi actually behaves.

by Alistair John S... (not verified)

Java doesn't work like you'd expect anyway. It has a heap that's independent of the OS and it'll continue to consume memory until this heap limit is met. Then the GC will kick in.

It's not like explicit memory management and shouldn't be compared to it.

by renoX (not verified)

Which means that you have the joy of having to choose the 'correct' heap size..

Hopefully now that the JVM has been GPL'd, its GC and Linux's memory manager will be modified to dialogue with each other.

by zonk (not verified)

That's one of the reasons I stay away from Java apps...