KDE 4.0-alpha1 Released: "Knut"

The KDE Community is happy to announce the immediate availability of the first alpha release of the
KDE Desktop Environment, version 4.0. This release is a basis for the integration of powerful new
technologies that will be included in KDE 4. Read on for more details.

Highlights of KDE 4.0 Alpha 1 are:

  • A new visual appearance through Oxygen
  • New frameworks to build applications with, providing vastly improved
    hardware and multimedia integration (through Solid and Phonon), spelling and grammar checking, to name just a few
  • New applications that focus on a smooth user experience, such as Dolphin, the file manager, and Okular, the document viewer

KDE 4.0 Alpha 1 marks the end of the addition of large features to the KDE base libraries and shifts the focus onto integrating these new technologies into applications and the base desktop. The
next few months will be spent on bringing the desktop into shape after two years of frenzied development leaving very little untouched.

The final release of KDE 4.0 is expected in late October 2007.

The work on the framework makes application development easier and more satisfying. This will result in a crop of new features and applications over the next few years, underlining the position KDE holds as the leading Free Desktop and bringing Free Software to new users worldwide. A detailed release schedule can be found at, the new technical resource accompanying the platform, that provides extensive and high-quality documentation about KDE.

More information such as screenshots and installation instructions can be found in the KDE 4.0-alpha1 Visual Guide.


i still can't get x to start in minix, oops, wrong thread

By joesomeone at Fri, 2007/05/11 - 5:00am

thanks for all!!!

By 06labs at Fri, 2007/05/11 - 5:00am

Kunt ? ;-)

By Knut at Fri, 2007/05/11 - 5:00am


By matt at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Eew ;-) By the way, the german word for bear (bär) is often used as a synonym to the word in question...

By RAM at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am stole my joke :(

By Kirby at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

Any timeframe on a windows build?

By Luizg at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

No, there are not plans to release a binary for this alpha. A lot of other work has to be done before...

By Christian Ehrlicher at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

For English speakers, it's pronounced "cnoot" with a short "oo".

By Andreas at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Erm, sorry. The "oo" is not short, it's just not long like the usual "oo".

By Andreas at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Yes, it's somewhere in between "Linoox" and "cnoot" ;-)

By Torsten Rahn at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Give up. It is supposed to be pronounced the same way a kn in knight was originally, so let it suffer the fate..

Go 'nut!

By carewolf at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Had a American teacher some years ago, she pronounced it "Key nut". But she was from California and she was not very bright either, so that may explain it.

By Morty at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Reminds me of a folk-pop band called "I am Knoot".
Ah wait, not quite ;)

By Jakob Petsovits at Tue, 2007/05/15 - 5:00am

WTF blazes.. .?! they took out konqueror? my beloved konqui?! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.................!!!!!!!!!!!

give her back!give her back!give her back!give her back!give her back!

dolphin is like nautilus. i just hate it.. .

By zero1 at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Calm down, Konqueror is still in kdebase and AFAIK there are no plans to remove it from there. It's still the KDE web browser and it still supports file management too, it's just not the default file manager anymore.

By Kevin Kofler at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Try dolphin more before you claim you hate it, or that its like nautilus.

Also we already had this same exact discussion on the Dot for the last quite a while.

By Sutoka at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

It sprinkles .dolphin files everywhere (fixable) and the 'new' (Vista ripoff) location bar is not an improvement. Why must the user learn two location bars? One for web and one for local browsing.

By Kåre Särs at Mon, 2007/05/14 - 5:00am

You don't have to. The traditional location bar still exists in Dolphin and can be set as the default if you don't want the breadcrumb toolbar.

Also, I don't think it's quite fair to say that it's a Vista ripoff. The breadcrumb toolbar has existed for quite sometime now, on GNOME, on OS X (Pathfinder, I think), and on websites. They just differ in their implementations.

By Juan Carlos Torres at Mon, 2007/05/14 - 5:00am

Hehe! Like what everyone else said, Konqueror is still the default web browser for KDE 4.

Oh, btw, Konqi is a guy. His girlfriend is Katie (Wonder why they didn't name her Kate, for the text editor...)


By Juan Carlos Torres at Mon, 2007/05/14 - 5:00am

the build script gives an error here:

Updating kdesupport
svn: Unrecognized URL scheme for ''
Update failed, trying a cleanup.
Executing svn cleanup
Cleanup complete.
svn: Unrecognized URL scheme for ''
Error updating kdesupport, removing from list of packages to build.

What's wrong?



By Florian at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Your svn doesn't have https support. Rebuild it.

By Thiago Macieira at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Mhh.. I'm using Gentoo and it seems that it doesn't offer an ssl use flag for subversion:

[ebuild R ] dev-util/subversion-1.3.2-r3 USE="berkdb nls nowebdav python zlib -apache2 -bash-completion -emacs -java -perl -ruby" 0 kB

Any suggestions?


By Florian at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

USE=-nowebdav emerge -va subversion

By Seth W. Klein at Thu, 2007/07/19 - 5:00am

In early discussions about KDE4 there was a lot of talk about Plasma. It is even still linked from within the oxygen site. But reading this announcement it is no more mentioned. Has it been merged into else? Has it completely vanished? Has it been postponed? What's up with Plasma? Since I am only an average KDE user, I admittedly visit only every once in a while - so please excuse me, if I missed some discussions about Plasma.

Anyway: Looking at and following the link "Plasma APIs" the page states: "The APIs for working with and improving Plasma will appear here as they become available. They will undoubtedly be available sooner than that in KDE's subversion code repository where you are welcome to track Plasma development as it happens." Doesn't sound too good to me.

By rittmey at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Plasma is being worked on. I suggest you look up the past discussions on the dot (recent commit digests).

By Luca Beltrame at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

So it's not on schedule. Big deal.

By reihal at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Follow the link at the end of the article:

By Grósz Dániel at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

what is the difference between new alt-f2 run and katapult? wasn't katapult to take over the place of that function?

By hag at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

No. AFAIK they will share "runners", for example for Bookmarks, Application etc.

By Lans at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am


They will be hopefully sharing backends (called runners in KRunner and catalogs in Katapult) in KDE 4.

The two currently have very big differences:
Katapult is in extragear and KRunner is in kdebase, which makes the latter an essential part of KDE (the replacement for the Run Command dialog box).
Katapult is basically a launcher, with some catalogs for calculation and spell checking. I believe KRunner is going to be more than that.
Krunner can display multiple hits. Katapult currently can't.

We'll hopefully see more development and clarifications in the future. Keeping my fingers crossed.

By Juan Carlos Torres at Mon, 2007/05/14 - 5:00am

That reminds me, I must complain to my painter that he hasn't finished painting the walls on my new house yet. I know the builders have only just finished putting up the framing and are only now starting to put on the wallboard, but that's no excuse for the painter to only be talking about the top coat instead of already having it done, it just doesn't sound good to me...

By odysseus at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

Very good metaphor!

Unfortunately this is a general problem in the software industry. Customers assume that because software isn't built with "real" matter, engineers would be free to choose an arbitrary building order.

By Kevin Krammer at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

Hi, I was wondering if there is any work done on better support for Beryl. I'm thinking about such things as:

* being able to handle viewports (aka side of a cube) just like virtual desktops, which means:
* taskbar that has the option to only show windows from current viewport
* pager that can handle it (but this has already improved in KDE3)
* more exotic things like different wallpapers on each viewport and give them different names that show in the pager, like you can for virtual desktops now

By Selene at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

search for kwin_composite.Kwin4 is supporting Compositing extensions.there are a few videos in youtube.
You will not need Beryl in KDE4.

By Emil Sedgh at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

By anon at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Oh yes, I could have known that :-) I didn't make that link with kwin_composite since it didn't have the "cube"... Glad to see the great work going on there in any case.

But the questions could be asked again, but this time for kwin_composite then :-) As it's still the taskbar and kdesktop that needs to support the viewports.

By Selene at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

Strange, I have missed this. Have it been presented here on the dot?

By reihal at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

It was on IIRC

By Selene at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

It has been mentioned in discussions a few times, and perhaps a line or two in some article. But newer as a big part of any article.

One reason being that is has been developed in a branch, but now it has moved to trunk. But I guess we will see a "Road to KDE 4" article about it at some point now, since Troy only covers the stuff in trunk.

By Morty at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

This seems to be the source for info on Kwin composite:

By reihal at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

He, that did the trick, there's more than a 1000 guests there now.

The Grid rules the Cube!

By reihal at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

I've just to say.... wow!

I was very pessimistic reading that there's lack of manpower in kdepim, that there will be problem etc. So when I launched KMail in Alpha1 I was expeting to find a bunch of horrible semi-ported widgets and little more but...
- there is (finally) a first time wizard that guide you through the creation of a mail account.
- improved toolbars (especially while composing), that with the power of QT4 really rock (I *love* the effect you have when clicking on >> to show the toolbar's element not shown, simply amazing, the best implementation of this function ever seen)
- options panel: again WOW! Finally HIG is used and respected! There are still lot of options but they are organized way way better than KDE3.x

So, maybe we'll have to wait 4.1 to have full Akonadi support, but I'm quite happy anyway.

Great work!!

By Vide at Sat, 2007/05/12 - 5:00am

Yes, but you won't still send encrypted mails if you have not a key (that is necesary just to sign in mails). See this bug of Kmail of 2004-11-17:

By Iñaki Baz at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

It's nice to hear some positive feedback. For a change.

Encouragement, patches, "how can I help" messages are so much more effective than bug nags and bitches.

By Allen at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

Yeah I know there is a lot of "bad karma" around Kmail in bko, but I think you're doing a great job. Sure, Kmail it's not perfect but the work you, the kdepim guys, had put in it it's worth a big THANKS from your users.

By Vide at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

i am a firm believer that the reason you don't hear much in the way of positive feedback is that it works as well as it does... There's no need for hype around KMail, because for the vast majority it simply works... Great job :)

By Dan Leinir Turt... at Tue, 2007/05/15 - 5:00am

I also would like to thank for all the work done on KMail. I simply love this email client. So many powerful features! And Vide is right, it is coming along much better that it seemed from a relative lack of documentation of the ongoing work on the dot and the planet. Thanks for all your work! There are so many of us who appreciate it. :)

By Mutlu Inek at Sun, 2007/05/13 - 5:00am

true, it's a pity there aren't that many ppl working on it, but it still is a very good app - which speaks about it's quallity...

By superstoned at Mon, 2007/05/14 - 5:00am