KDAB Becomes Patron of KDE

The KDE e.V. and KDAB are happy to announce continued
collaboration on the Free Desktop, with KDAB becoming the latest new Patron of KDE. KDAB is known for its high-quality software services. Read on for more details.

KDAB explains "KDE and KDAB have a very strong relationship that dates back to the
beginning of the KDE project, with the KDAB CEO, Kalle Dalheimer, being one of the founders of the KDE project. Since then, KDAB has supported KDE consistently both with code and funding, especially for the past aKademies. We believe that a strong KDE community is good for all of us, and thus want to provide KDE e.V. with a stable and plannable stream of funding."

Sebastian Kügler of the KDE e.V. Board of Directors adds: "KDAB is one of the companies that understand their role in a Free Software community very well. KDAB is actively involved with making the KDE software the success it is and will be. Additionally, KDAB takes its contribution to KDE very seriously. This is shown by their strong commitment to a stable, reliable and well-maintained codebase, and is stressed by
their involvement in KDE as an organisation. KDAB serves as an example for excellent collaboration with other parts of the community. We're thrilled that we're
able to manifest our collaboration also in this more formal way."

Mirko Boehm, KDE core developer and head of KDAB's Berlin office - and thus host of the recent KDE-PIM and KOffice meetings - explains KDAB's involvement in the KDE community as follows: "KDAB employs numerous KDE developers, who work directly or
indirectly on KDE in both their spare time and their work hours. In fact, we are a company mostly of
KDE developers. Some of the top ten committers to KDE are KDABians, according to ohloh.net, including David Faure, one of the major
contributors to KDE's core. We are actively trying to increase the visibility of KDE through our
customer contacts and look forward to promote the powerful KDE 4 platform in future projects."

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by Albert Astals Cid (not verified)

Cookie goes for KDAB for the patronage :-)

by Sebastian Sauer (not verified)

Thanks for the KOffice meeting and for everything else. You guys rock :)

by Askrates (not verified)

This is really a great time to be involved in KDE! The project is on a roll these days.

Congratulations to the KDE e.V. team and to KDAB!

by Anonymous (not verified)

Note also that Intel and Novell are listed on above page.

by Simon (not verified)

I hadn't noticed those on the dot (if they were)

Anyway, thanks to KDAB and all the other patrons and supporters

by brazzmonkey (not verified)

wow !
this article features 15 links to KDAB's website. on my monitor, this is an average of 1.25 links per line. i must say i'm impressed...

by Sebastian Kügler (not verified)

Yeah, Control+R totally rocks, and if you uncheck the "confirm" box, it's even consistent!

Chocolate, espresso and mojitos for the KDAB guys, btw!

by Simon (not verified)

I particularly like the link embedded in 'KDABians' :-)

by lol (not verified)

Can i have one more link to KDAB i forgot what the address was.

by Till Adam (not verified)

http://www.kdab.com, but real men and women use http://www.klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se :)

(Note that that's an automatic feature of the dot, not us being asses about having links to our website everywhere.)

by Sebastian Kügler (not verified)

Actually, if you're referring to plain text like www.kdab.com (there we go again!) becoming a link, that's done semi-automatically by yours truly in the original document.

The fact that people start discussing the number of links in this document however, impresses me in a very interesting way.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

Just www.kdab.com, or http://www.kdab.com/ ? So a www.kdab.com would work?

(Three more links to http://www.kdab.com/!)

by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

That's really cool!

by AC (not verified)

Can someone spell "Klarälvdalens" phonetically?

by Frank Osterfeld (not verified)

I think it's about time for Kalle to record a MP3 "Hello, I am Kalle Dalheimer and I pronounce Klaralvdalens Datakonsult AB as Klaralvdalens Datakonsult AB"

by Scott (not verified)

Though, amusingly, him not being Swedish, would it really be authoritative? :-)