Will Stephenson Talks KDE 4 on Novell Open Audio

The current edition of Novell Open Audio podcast features an interview with KDE core developer Will Stephenson. He discusses what is coming in KDE 4, Novell's commitment to KDE and the changes he has been working on recently. The first forty minutes of the podcast are a review of some of the projects from Novell Hack Week, with Will's segment starting at 39:50 minutes in.


Is there a transcript available? Usually it takes less time to read than to listen...

By anon at Tue, 2007/07/31 - 5:00am

more then that, it's easier to understand when it's written, not all kde users are English aware ;-)

By djouallah mimoune at Tue, 2007/07/31 - 5:00am

It is really worth your time, listen to it.
IMHO also the first part of the show. Gives you a peek into how people at Novell are working.

By Kevin Krammer at Thu, 2007/08/02 - 5:00am

i just can't understand them, they speak english ;-) all i know is French and arabic -(

thanks for the advise anyway ;-)

By djouallah mimoune at Thu, 2007/08/02 - 5:00am

While text often consumes less time, spoken word denotes emotion in voice of both interviewer and interviewee. An advantage of spoken audio is that you can do it inbetween (some) work. For example, I can play a game without audio, and have spoken word on. Its also usable while lying on couch or in bed.

By anon at Thu, 2007/08/02 - 5:00am

A problem for our dear Djouallah above is that he simply doesn't speak English, and can't understand them well enough to follow what is discussed. A transcript is pretty crucial in such cases...

By Jos Poortvliet at Sun, 2007/08/05 - 5:00am

yeah, at last someone understood me ;-)

By djouallah mimoune at Mon, 2007/08/06 - 5:00am

A very nice summary and complete overview of the things coming in KDE 4 and what's going on. Great interview!

By apokryphos at Tue, 2007/07/31 - 5:00am

As usual, it's not complete. How can anything less than 8 hours of talking be complete when so much is coming?!?!?

By Jos Poortvliet at Tue, 2007/07/31 - 5:00am

It also doesn't help that the interview was conducted even before Akadamy. A lot has happened in that time, including the Alpha 2 and Beta 1 releases.

By Soap at Tue, 2007/07/31 - 5:00am

I'm a bit disappointed by the interview. You don't hear anything new compared to what you could read on the dot.

By Evil Eddie at Wed, 2007/08/01 - 5:00am

Sorry, but the attentive Dot reader such as yourself wasn't the listener I had in mind when giving the interview. My aims were to inform the Novell audience of users, customers and staff about all the benefits KDE brings, and generally to spotlight the work of the KDE team on openSUSE and Novell products.

By Will Stephenson at Wed, 2007/08/01 - 5:00am

And I don't even remember WHAT it was, but there was something new for me in there ;-)

By Jos Poortvliet at Wed, 2007/08/01 - 5:00am

If you don't remember things, a lot of things will be new for you all the time ;-)

By kleiner at Wed, 2007/08/01 - 5:00am


By Luis at Thu, 2007/08/02 - 5:00am

Every time people say this to me I have to laugh my ass off!

By Anonymous at Thu, 2007/08/02 - 5:00am

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By Jos Poortvliet at Sun, 2007/08/05 - 5:00am