Blue-GNU Reviews Kontact: I Once Was Lost...

...but now Blue-GNU is showing you the way with Kontact, in an article titled Stay In the Know With KDE's Kontact. The author says "I finally settled on Kontact to keep me in touch with the reality of my hectic daily schedule." Blue-GNU breaks down their use of each application integrated into Kontact, starting with KMail and then going through KAddressBook, KOrganizer, and KNotes. It concludes, "...Kontact is one of the best PIMs I've seen. I even prefer it to Outlook, which I used to prefer over the GNU/Linux tools in the past."

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by Christian Parpart (not verified)

use left-right instead of up-down to navigate through the mails.

by Matthew Flaschen (not verified)

I use Korganizer all the time. I like the simple, elegant interface. I don't use Kontact because I'm already used to Thunderbird, but that could conceivably change in the future.

by Stefan (not verified)

> I use Korganizer all the time. [...] I don't use Kontact because I'm already used to Thunderbird.

Be careful with the names. What you mean with Kontact, is KMail. Kontact is the PIM suite containing KMail, KOrganizer, and so on.

I'm using KMail and am very happy with it. KOrganizer is currently abandoned because of vacation. ;-)

by yoho (not verified)

One missing feature is the exchange integration ! Why don't people from kmail look at the evolution code and copy/paste things ? I really miss that one which made me change recently from kmail to evolution... I wish I came back to kmail, but without a propre exchange integration, no way :-/

by Anon (not verified)

a) I doubt that transferring a feature from one project to another when both projects have massively different architectures, toolkits and libraries is a simple as "copy/pasting things".

b) They are short-staffed and hugely overworked and have a million other things to do.

Still, if it's as easy as you make out, why not do it yourself? I'm sure they'll appreciate the help! :)

by Birdy (not verified)

a) As noted before, it's not that easy to copy that functionality. Especially as you need access to an exchange server (in the best case with admin rights). And KDE-PIM human resources are very very limited :-(

b) There is some work for an openchange plugin for Akonadi. So there's a good chance that we will see exchange support through Akonadi in KDE 4.1. And there is no doubt, that an openchange based solution is way better than the current "hacked" solution from Evolution.

by Kevin Krammer (not verified)

There are several threads about this in both the archives of kde-pim and kdepim-users, e.g.

Maybe some of them could be of help for you as well

by yuval (not verified)

I join the plea for better Exchange integration.

by John Whitaker (not verified)

I totally agree. I really want to use kde-pim, but without exchange integration I just can't.
And for the record, I really wish these linux snobs would quit with the "if it's so easy why don't you do it" crap. That's childish. Not everyone is or wants to be a software developer. If the world were full of nothing but software developers, then the world would be a pretty sad place. Who would milk the cows, take out the trash, keep the financial markets going? If linux is going to achieve mainstream acceptance, that can only happen by providing a system for use by non-software developers--people who have needs and don't write code. Otherwise Linux will always be the unloved stepchild of a Microsoft world.

by alf (not verified)

One thing I will love in Kmail, it'll be support for vcard. Thunderbird lets you introduce your personal information and you can incorporate it like a vcard.

I'ld love this same functionality in kmail and it'll work well. I am spanish and in Thunderbird the accents show bad.

by Thomas (not verified)

Kontact perfectly supports vcards.... What do you mean? If I get an email with an attached vcard I can incorporate it into my contacts with an easy click...

by Jan Vidar Krey (not verified)

I'm really missing a fast search mechanism.
I would like to search all my 100K e-mails in seconds, not 15 minutes.

I guess some kind of Strigi integration could be useful in the future.

by jospoortvliet (not verified)

coming, coming ;-)

by DSC (not verified)

Use Kerry Beagle. Works a treat.

by Jand (not verified)

I would really love to understand how POP Filters work in Kmail.
I simply would like mail to be deleted from the server on the following condition: "X-Spam-Flag" contains "YES". Tell me how I can make it work because it does not seem to be possible :-) Very simple
BTW could POP Filters not get another name that is more understable ?
Ohhh... and why on earth does it keep asking if i want to store the password in file and not i kdewallet (i uninstalled KDEwallet because it bothers me) since i select no the password is stored and also if i select yes. There is something very very wrond.
On Ubuntu/Kubuntu BTW and the behaviour was the same with last version

by Thorsten Schnebeck (not verified)

Printing your contacts via kaddressbook component is ... hmm ... limited ;-)
Not sure why good printing styles are still missing for such a long time.
The other stuff is ok - I like the kolab-kontact-combo :-)



by gerd (not verified)

Kontact is buggy and I can't say how much I hate popup screens. Even the previous mail function "jumps" 3-6 lines. Try to forward a mail with attachments and bet if it gets received. I hardly find any application that returns me so many error popups or constantly freezes on the KDE desktop.

No Evolution is not much better. It just sucks less. And Thunderbird just works fine except for Mozilla Foundation that does not support Sunbird sufficiently, the missing component.

by Thomas (not verified)

sorry.. but this sounds strange to me. I'm using kmail/kontact since 4-5 years now with more than 10.000 messages in sizes between 10k and 15mb and for 99.9% of the time Kontact is rock-solid. My mail-folder contains >4 Gb as a compressed bzip tarball. I would not use kmail if it was like what you describe.

by Mike (not verified)

Let me know when you can Forward an email that has an attachment in it. Then maybe I will look at it again. Until then, no thanks.

by cm (not verified)

Forwarding emails with attachment works for me, and has for years. No idea what you're talking about.

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

Mike, you can forward an email that has an attachment in it.