New KDE Distro Releases: Mandriva 2008 and Kubuntu 7.10

Within the past couple of weeks two Linux distributions came out with new releases, featuring the K Desktop Environment. On October 9th, Mandriva Linux 2008 released their latest version to the masses. KDE 3.5.7 and Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 are just a couple of the updates with this latest release. Head on over and take a Mandriva Linux 2008 Tour. On October 18th, Kubuntu 7.10 was released, marking its 6th major release. Kubuntu includes the last KDE 3.5.8, making it the first distribution to release the 8th maintenance update to the KDE 3.5 branch. There were many other updates in this latest release as well. Mandriva is the first distribution to include QtJambi, while Kubuntu adds Qyoto C# bindings.


by Richard (not verified)

"making it the first distribution to release the 8th maintenance update to the KDE 3.5 branch."

This comment is false, it was released through opensuse the same day of the announcement from KDE

by andrea (not verified)

.. released as in the repositories (or whatever they're called in opensuse) or included in the day's opensuse new version which isn't mentioned? in kubuntu gutsy (at the time in freeze state if I recall correctly) all the packages were available and includable the very same day even very early - a great job, by the way. so yes, first distribution is correct.

by Peter Thompson (not verified)

openSUSE's repositories include up-to-date packages and snapshots of quite a few projects. And the KDE packages - both 3 and 4 - are pretty up to date.

So I really don't care if the packages are out a few hours earlier and later - but they are there.

IMHO openSUSE has made a great step forward. They had a very, very disappointing time (that was, coincidentally, the time when all the Ex-Gnome guys seemed to make decisions at Novell), resulting in a f**ked up release.

But with the current versions they seem to have re-gained their old strength, coupled with the advantages of a community supported distro - which includes the numerous repositories, official and unofficial, where you can find anything...

by Anonymous (not verified)

First of all, I really like kubuntu distribution and use it for long time. Now a little bit of critics. First take a look at Then switch to - do you feel the difference ? The latter looks much worse. Now scroll down a bit to see that funny photos in RC and BETA announcements. Yes, probably they are really funny for developers as they depict some well-known (for developers) faces and funny moments. But they are very purely done (non-sharp, under-exposured, not very good composition), purely (if ever) post-processed, and (the most important) they means nothing for non-developers ! It adds a very non-professional look to the whole site.

But the official website is really important and should look good. Just guess what an averange ubuntu user will do when someone told him about kubuntu and he wants to try it ? It is very likely that he will go to ! Please, pay more attention to that site, its really important to get new users !

Again, thanks for everyone who work on this wonderfull distribution !

by mike (not verified)

why would you post that here? this site is not is it?

by a Gentoo Linux user (not verified)

"Mandriva is the first distribution to include QtJambi [...]"

This is not correct. Gentoo has qtjambi-4.3.0 in the Portage tree since 07 June 2007.