Akademy-es 2007 in Zaragoza, Spain

Our conference in Spain, Akademy-es, will be held in Zaragoza this year on the 17th and 18th November. We have a very interesting schedule with talks about CMake, KOffice, KDE programming, KDE 4 among other interesting topics. Of course, entry to the talks is free, only limited by physical space. We are planning to have a dinner on saturday night, if you are interested in attending mail sent us a mail to


So they "fixed" the aKademy spelling to Akademy, but now they decided to make it plural with a "weird" -es suffix?

By KDE User at Fri, 2007/11/09 - 6:00am

Perhaps the es is supposed to symbolize español?

By anon at Fri, 2007/11/09 - 6:00am

exactly. 'es' is the two letter language code =)

By Aaron J. Seigo at Fri, 2007/11/09 - 6:00am

Please guys, I'm trying to troll here.

By KDE User at Sun, 2007/11/11 - 6:00am

Oh! ok... 'es' is the two letter language code bitch!

By ZDF at Mon, 2007/11/12 - 6:00am

ESpaña y olé

By Patxi at Fri, 2007/11/09 - 6:00am

Por que no te callas? ;-)

By Markus at Mon, 2007/11/12 - 6:00am


By j0j0j0 at Wed, 2007/11/14 - 6:00am

Will this ever happen?

By T. J. Brumfield at Mon, 2007/11/12 - 6:00am

Maybe. Meanwhile you have a nice excuse to come and get to know Europe ;)

By Super Mario at Mon, 2007/11/12 - 6:00am

We hope that something like this will take off.

We do realise that our presence in N-A is suboptimal, at best and we'd like to nurture the KDE community on that side of the pond as well. This is, by the way also one of the reasons to hold a release event in Mountain View, including a hacking / BoF session. Maybe we can pull of something similar in coming years as well. It would definitely be cool.

By Sebastian Kügler at Tue, 2007/11/13 - 6:00am