Akademy-es 2008 in A Coruña

Again it is that time of the year the Spain KDE community gathers in the Akademy-es event.
This year the event will be held in A Coruña from 21st to 23rd of November. The talks cover quite a wide range of topics, going from Python KDE development to translation workshops without forgetting more general talks about upcoming KDE 4.2 and KOffice 2.

If you are interested in coming, do not forget to register before 17th of November or we cannot guarantee you will get the nice T-shirt!

We would like to thank the University of A Coruña for the hosting, GPUL for co-organizing and Oficina de Software Libre de la Universidad de Coruña, Mancomun, Igalia, Qt Software and eyeOs for sponsoring.

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by Eduardo Robles ... (not verified)

Hello everyone! I'm writting this with my N810 from La Cerveixa; a place were we are having a great dinner all the Akademy-es participants for free tanks to the sponsors of the event. You can chech the attached photo of me watching a tower of beer done here some minutes ago.

by Iñaki (not verified)

Unfortunately Akademy's sponsors budgets aren't too big, eh? Next time try to convince them to get something better than that "cutrebar", like P. Almodóvar would say, ;D.

P.D: Don't be cheap and ask for one of those great galician white wines like Albariño or Ribeiro instead of beer, :p.

by txenoo (not verified)

Don't worry we have already bought Alvariño, Caffee spirits, Mencia and other surprises for Saturday night Queimada :)