KOffice 2.0 Beta 5 Released

Moving towards the 2.0 release with almost monthly beta releases, the KOffice team has once more honoured its promise to bring out beta releases of KOffice until the time is right for a release candidate. So today we bring you this beta with many, many improvements across the board. Incremental as it is, this beta is an important step towards a final release. So here it is: full
and changelog.

Highlights of the 2.0 beta 5 Release

The developers have been working very hard fixing bugs and removing incompatibilities and other misfeatures. This can be seen in the rather large list of changes. Here are some of the highlights of this release:

Significant Progress with OpenDocument Saving and Loading

Much of the work on this beta has been concentrated in making loading and saving OpenDocument files more complete. A lot of effort has been put into making KOffice interoperable with OpenOffice.org, since that is the most important OpenDocument editor today.

KOffice loading a document from OpenOffice.

All Reported Crash Bugs in KWord Fixed

KWord has received extra attention that removed all known crash bugs. We want to emphasize that at this point it is extremely important for users to test all components of KOffice and report all bugs, especially crash bugs.

Together with the Bugsquad team, a Krush day is going to be organised on Sunday 25th
January 2009, to help find new bugs before the final release.

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by Jeremy (not verified)

From what I've seen, and used, it looks like its coming along nicely. :)

Change the name, and I can certainly guarantee I will advertise and how it off, but until then, nope. I'll save the embarrassment of explaing why I use a computer named KDE, or as I call, Kiddy Desktop Environment, and Kiddy Office.

Lol, sorry, I'm picky about these things. =p