KDE 4.3 RC3 Released

Even in the hot phase up to KDE 4.3.0, there have been quite a bunch of fixes to KDE's 4.3 branch. The KDE Release Team has decided to err on the safe side and do another release candidate before KDE 4.3.0 comes out. Dirk Müller has rolled tarballs of the current state of KDE 4.3 and put them up for testers, packages for some distributions are already under way. This also means that the release of KDE 4.3.0 has been postponed for one week. The new planned release date is August, 4th 2009.

One notable change since RC2 is a performance fix for Plasma's caching of rendered SVG graphics that lead to the applet being frozen for a short while after resizing it. A regression that cropped up after RC2, and which resulted in HTTP redirects being broken has been fixed in RC3 as well.

Please give this KDE 4.3 RC3 some good testing to make sure KDE 4.3.0 will be as flawless as possible.

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I like KDE and I am observing the go-through from one level to the next. Seems like that I saw a screenshot with Bespin and I got nervous. The default (oxygen) theme is nice - maybe here and there some improvement!? But it's too nice for leave it. Sorry for my panic...

I don't want discus what is better or worst. Your imagehack-screenshot shows a better Bespin - yes it's true. But the symbols and scrollbar I can see in Dolphin bugs me already. But okay, it's a personally gust. Mhh if we talking about. I like the default Oxygen-theme more. And QT-Curve ist very nice too. Here you have the possibility to make buttons not so round and the tabs with a line above - for example.

The most important I think is that all themes KDE haves right now should stay in their own ship and leveling up with new and own ideas. Coping only with really improvements.

Nice to talked about a little bit.... Cheers

The perfect solution IMO would be Oxygen with the configurability of Qt-Curve. Bespin is nice but I really like Oxygen, however it lacks configurability and neds a little touch up here and there.

release notes title says "KDE 4.3 RC3 Codenames "Cay""

shouldn't that be 'codenamed' ?

In the beginning Kickoff had all available partition listed in it's computer section, this was the KDE 3 version of Kickoff back then but that changed since KDE 4. Could somebody tell me why the partitions aren't listed in Kickoff anymore? I found it to be a nice and quite usable feature. This feature is in Lancelot but I feel more comfortable with Kickoff.
Can Kickoff be configured somehow to show my partitions in the computer section?
Apart for that I am quite satisfied with KDE 4.3, especially by the fact that the devs are taking the time to make this release the best so far.

I really like 4.3_rc3, and I'm damn anxious for the tarballs hitting the FTP, so I can tell my Gentoo to install at once :)

Thank you for creating this awesome desktop!

You make KDE the Key to my favorite Digital Experience!

(just to take a little stab at some really olde stuff :) )