Akademy-es 2009

KDE Developers of Spain

During the final days of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, the fourth edition of Akademy-es was held in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Akademy-es is the sister of Akademy aimed at Spanish speakers.

Akademy-es started on Friday 10th with a talk by Cenatic, a
governmental foundation with the aim to promote and improve knowledge of free software in public administrations, companies, universities, etc. For that, the foundation is creating and developing different courses both online and at site based on free software. They want to create a specific course for the KDE desktop, so they asked for collaboration from KDE España, the Spanish organisation to support and promote the KDE project in Spain. The president of Cenatic showed his interest in the project and this collaboration will be starting in the coming months.

Later on, Albert Astals Cid and Aleix Pol showed us the KDE-Edu project, giving some demonstrations of different applications like KHangman or KGeography.

Just before the break for lunch, Albert Astals Cid and Rafael Fernández, president and vice-president respectively of KDE España talked about the organisation, its objectives and the current state in the process to become official.

After lunch, Aleix Pol explained his experience in Google Summer of Code and the process to became one of the selected students to take part in GSoC.

Pedro Jurado continued the conference explaining the different methods to contribute to the KDE project, making emphasis in non-coding contributions.

After that Eduardo Robles explained his idea to improve Konqueror's bookmarks using Nepomuk and Akonadi. The project, developed during this year's Google Summer of Code, includes a new bookmark system, a new address bar and the integration of the bookmark search of Konqueror in KRunner. The talk was really interesting and many KDE developers made contributions with new ideas for the project.

José Millán taught the attendees about how to developed new plugins for KDE applications by showing us some practical examples.

This first day of Akademy-es finished with Rafael Fernández talking about Ideal, a new library that solves many of the flaws of the Qt and Gtk/Glib libraries making the development of new applications even easier.

The second and last day was kept short to help the GCDS organisers to finish earlier after seven days of hard work.

The first talk of the day was imparted by Alfredo Beaumont about the development of new plugins for KOffice, now easier than before. Albert Astals Cid continued with a talk about how to design a good API, finishing together with Aleix with an improvised talk about the new features of KDE 4.3

While the attendees to the talks (apart from the members of KDE España) were not too many, the talks help the organisation to know what the different members are working on and get a step ahead in the formation of the KDE España group. We hope to see everyone back for Akademy-es 2010.

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