New KDE Buzz

While you wait for the KDE 4.3 gates to open, you may be interested in our new site, using an experimental "LifeStream" tracking KDE on and Twitter, Picasaweb, Flickr and Youtube. Check out for the stream for who's saying what about the hottest Free Desktop release this year!

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While I'm happy this service exists, I'm wondering about KDE's pending focus problems :P

Actually, it would be nice if some of these new KDE sites and services could be inter-connected in some way. For example, why can't buzz be integrated into planetkde? This would require less websites to check, and reduce fracturing the readership?

Actually, this goes for many other KDE website/services as well...

Well Buzz and Planet are two very different things. I wouldn't want to mash them together.
Buzz is showing opinions, comments, rants, images, videos and so on from people that are not necessarily (most likely not) part of the KDE community. It's a showcase of what people all around the world are thinking of KDE.
Planet on the other hand shows blogs and from contributors to KDE. It's a showcase of what the KDE project is working on.


nice new site.
I use ff and opera (latest versions) and the page gives my CPU a high load.
Do others have the same behaviour?

Btw. I get lost in our websites as well. Too many of them are around. jm2c.


Got the same issue here, Firefox 3.5 mentioned a script was running too long.


I got the same problems with firefox 3.0.x and 3.5.x...

I also tried konqueror, and after a little bit of a hang - it runs smoothely there.


Yes, in Seamonkey it is so slow you can hardly use it.

same problem here, with all my browsers

No problem at all here with arora... workin real smooth, haven't tried any
other tho.