Konqueror Icon Setting TVs Ablaze

CBS' geektastic sitcom sensation "The Big Bang Theory" has joined a long list of KDE television outings with main character Leonard Hofstadter wearing Konqueror on his chest in last night's episode, "The Vengeance Formulation":

KDE software has previously been spotted on "24" (FOX), "Alias" (ABC), "Dexter" (Showtime), "Heroes" (NBC), "House, M.D." (FOX) and "Shark" (also on CBS). If you've seen it anywhere else, chime in below!

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I'm a big fan of the show, so that really made my day :)

(Some claim I'm starting to resemble Sheldon more and more. This worries me a bit...)

I don't see that. Sheldon has much more hair! ;-)

You didn't here him laugh recently...

I've seen KDE in Nicotina (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337930/).

As previously reported on dot, LHC control uses KDE and, um, that was on TV.

PS thiswas in the comments of the link page above, classic.

pps I never seem to be able to log in with blogspot openID "error:Invalid AuthRequest: 768: Invalid value for openid.ns field: http://openid.net/signon/1.0", something to do with drupal not liking blogger apparently, anyone know what to do about this?

There's a fun bit of synergy there considering the Big Bang Theory character wearing the Konqueror t-shirt is an experimental physicist, and the LHC is the ultimate physics experiment. Totally makes sense.

by ivan

Here's the one from alias


And for those who dont already know, KDE was in use by creators of LOTR. Here is the dot story:

Too bad those links [to screenshots] now point to wrong place.

Nice!!! But where can you get that shirt from? =:)

If KDE is good enough for popular media, its good enough for me!


I must of missed the Dexter one, can someone tell me where and when

Aaaand the first showing of KDE 4 on TV: