KDE at FOSDEM this Weekend

KDE will be at FOSDEM this weekend, the largest gathering of free software contributors there is. We will have a KDE devroom on the Saturday with a packed programme of talks covering KDevelop, PIM, Designer and more. On the Sunday we have been working with our friends at Gnome on a cross desktop schedule of talks. This will include semantic desktop, zeroconf, package installing and accessibility. There will also be a KDE stall showing off the almost-final release of KDE Software Compilation 4.4. See you there!



maybe you could talk about a working VoIP solution for KDE4. AFAIK there is nothing working right now... :|

I am using Twinkle daily, works like charm, does conf call with 3 people. Great software.

Too bad I'm going to miss this. I like how the organizers put these competing projects back-to-back, should create some good drama.

I suggest that Rygel gets a 5 minute rebuttal and then a 1 minute response from Coherence at the end. ;)

I think Sflphone ( http://www.sflphone.org/content/features ) could be considered the KDE SIP & IAX2 client.