Amarok 2.3.0 "Clear Light" Released

The Amarok team just released Amarok 2.3.0. It comes with many bugfixes and improvements such as a new funky toolbar and a rewritten file browser featuring much better integration with the rest of Amarok. Read the release notes and enjoy rediscovering your music!

Oh and a new Amarok Insider is out with some tips and tricks including how to search your music collection easily.


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Hopefully the feature to hide menubar from GIT will get to next coming version.

The Amarorok team is doing a great job, especially in fixing the Amarok 2.3.0 & making in bugs free.
It's a hard job but they did it the right way.

Hi amarok team,

I loved Amarok in its 1.4 series. this is now over a year that I use KDE4 with Amarok 2, and I realy do not understand where you are going.

Amarok is becomming an application for power users, there are lots of new things that are not intuitive. I think the most important one is how to navigate in media sources. The tabs on the left side where just perfect, now I have to click on a tiny button named '>', isn't that anoying ?! I still remember the first time I used Amarok2: it took me hours to find out where to click to browse my folders !

So I joined the team for a while and contributed a fiew things, but you had your roadmaps and ideas of how things should be and my ideas where just not on the right path so I lost the motivation.

All I would like to tell you now is: please remember, "simple is beautiful".

I am now looking for another musik browser, this makes me really sad and I did not want to quit without a last user feedback.

I used Amarok so many years and I thank you sincerlly for your hard work and the joy I had using it.

best regards.