Behind KDE: Meet Ben Cooksley

In the second episode of the new Behind KDE series of interviews with KDE sysadmins, we meet KDE's "identity expert", Ben Cooksley - the guy behind the new, which will be launched next week.

Ben is one of the leaders involved in setting up key parts of the new git infrastructure. Normally he's quiet and avoids publicity - another reason to put him in the spotlight. This interview even contains one of the rare pictures that are available of Ben.

Ben is also one of the people behind the KDE Forums - he is the one who isn't scared of terms like LDAP and Gosa and can write bug-free sysadmin shell scripts blindly. He's the only one who does everything with Grace.

Intrigued? Confused? Bored? Educate yourself and liven up your day with this latest interview from Behind KDE.

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...there is face to the person i work with since years! You are doing a great job, Ben, keep it that way.

Cool, a fellow Wellingtonian, great to see another Kiwi about the place :-) Just a shame I'm London based now or we could finally have had a KDE-NZ!