Hot Off The Press: Amarok Insider 15 and Amarok 2.3.2

Amarok Insider 15 available now, includes the articles:

  • What's New in Amarok
  • Interview with a Developer: Leo Franchi
  • Podcasts on your Mobile Device
  • Automated Playlist Generator
  • Weekly Windows Build Now Available
  • Organizing a Music Collection

The Insider explores Amarok for the user, looking at features, development, and how to
get involved with the project.

Amarok 2.3.2 has also been released, with many bugfixes and improvements, led by our new Automated Playlist Generator, two new applets: Similar Artists and Upcoming Events, an upgrade to Dynamic Collections, and improvements in the collection browser, Cover fetching, file browser, podcasts and importing

Finally, we have a new video tutorial page. See our new features and how to use them. Discover your music!

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