KDE releases ownCloud 1.1

Frank Karlitschek has just released ownCloud version 1.1, which contains many new features, bugfixes and improvements. It is suitable for everyday use. ownCloud is a web-based storage application similar to Google Docs, Dropbox or Ubuntu One with one major difference - all your data is under your own control. Read Frank's blogpost for more information about this active project and its growing development team.

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Thanks for the article, I would have missed this release if it wasn't posted here.

Frank does great things, regardless of where he's from ;)

Perhaps one of the most important for free software, these days.

Also one where FOSS can shine: no network effect to keep barriers of entry high: basically it doesn't matter that all your friends use dropbox, owncloud is just as useful.

I find it sad however that this project receives so little publicity: I have to lurk on the git web interface to follow advances! I hope a distrib or other will do the right thing and do a nice packaged owncloud installation. With control centre integration and a (dedicated) kioslave, this would be brilliant.

In any case well done guys, you rock.