December Updates Further Stabilize KDE's 4.5 Series

As of today, the latest release in KDE's 4.5 series is 4.5.4, which adds a bunch of stabilization and translation updates on top of 4.5. Users in general are encouraged to upgrade to 4.5.4. The changelog has more details about some of the changes that went into this release.

Enjoy upgrading!


click changelog, then click all SVN changes; results in not found. This is true for any of the all SVN changes links.

By stumbles at Fri, 2010/12/03 - 2:21pm

Sounds good, curious to check it out.

By Mark Groff at Fri, 2010/12/03 - 7:36pm

The desktop icon grid still isn't fixed?


By Xanadu at Sat, 2010/12/04 - 11:00am