KDE Commit-Digest for 2nd January 2011

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Bug fixes in Digikam, Plasma and its applets, Kate, Solid, and throughout KDE-PIM, Calligra, and the Oxygen style
  • Fixes in libktorrent including fixes to work properly with D-Link DIR 635 routers
  • Runtime switching between the new OpenGL and QPainter backends in preparation for a "Beta" OpenGL rendering mode in KStars for KDE 4.6
  • Themable cross-hair and compass in Marble
  • Work on new Cirkuit backends
  • Work on the online game Knights
  • Work on the Python parser in KDevelop
  • Implementation of undo/redo across files in Digikam
  • "Net Usershare" support added to KSambaShare
  • Work on a new KWelcomeWidget in Plasma
  • New usb:// subsystem implemented in Solid
  • History visited count added to Rekonq
  • Work on filters in Krita
  • Work on DVB support in Kaffeine
  • Features and optimizations throughout Smb4k
  • Nuno Pinheiro does major work on all 22x22 mimetype icons in the Oxygen icon set.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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I noticed that diffs do not seem to be working for git repos, just wanted to point it out in case no-one noticed yet.

Keep up the good work, and already flattered it too :)

Definitely noticed, just need to put out all the other Git-related fires first! :)