KDE Commit-Digest for 9th January 2011

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Beginnings of type support for lists in KDevelop’s Python plugin
  • Cantor’s Qalculate backend is improved
  • KStars gains a feature to predict a star hopping route and dynamic switching between OpenGL and native backends
  • Marble sees improvements to the "Postition Marker" configuration dialog, gets "Earthquake" and "Overview Map" configuration dialogs and a planet option for the map creation wizard
  • Bug fixes to Plasma and its applets, KDE PIM, Phonon, and Amarok
  • Bug fixes to KIO Slaves and a large fix for the implementation of KIO Slaves in Rekonq
  • The table of contents generator in Calligra Words is improved
  • Improvements are made to Office Open XML format importing in Calligra
  • KMyMoney gets an improved .csv file importer
  • Skrooge can import Money Manager EX files
  • Work is done on action editor for Krita
  • KPlato is renamed to Calligra Plan and gets more view options and other improvements to Gantt charts
  • A prototype mobile version of Kexi is introduced
  • Cirkuit supports GHNS
  • Kamoso supports Nepomuk and more webcams
  • Apper, formerly known as KPackagekit, gets a single KDE Control Center Module for its settings and its updater and gains an option to stop checking for updates when on battery power
  • Nepomuk’s performance is improved
  • The majority of KMail is ported to the KConfigXT architecture
  • Rekonq gains a user agent switcher
  • Kiosk gets bug fixes for application compatibility and a feature for file browsing restrictions
  • TagLib now has full read/write support for FLAC files
  • GStreamer becomes the preferred Phonon backend and is able to install plugins automatically
  • The Oxygen 16x16 mimetype icons are finished
  • The Akonadi KDE system tray, KAlternatives and Krusader move to Git.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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I am confused, I remember seeing a blog saying that VLC is now the preferred backend for Phonon. Or is it now largely a matter of personal preference, and we have two great backends to enjoy?

I can tell you that after some recent updates I couldn't skip ahead in songs any more. Checked phonon and it was set to GStreamer (which I don't remember being the case before). Changing it back to either xine or VLC fixed it. And at freenode (irc) I was told VLC was the better choice. Just anecdotal experience, take it for what it's worth.

The 4.6 update wanted to use VLC by default, which pulls in xulrunner. Even on a CoreDuo at 2.8GHz and three threads *still* takes almost a half hour to compile. I changed my use flags to use Xine, as has been "default" for KDE for years. I've never had any issues.



I should have been a bit more clear. On *Gentoo*, the USE flags default to VLC. I don't know about other distros.

Ohh.. Python support! I've love to see that work in KDevelop. :-D

Do you guys see a chance to get code completion implemented there as well?