KDE Commit-Digest for 6th February 2011

In the latest KDE Commit-Digest:

  • KWin developer Martin Gräßlin works hard on porting KWin’s graphical effects to OpenGL ES, with the effects receiving many visual improvements in the process
  • KWin’s problematic "Shadow" and "Snow" effects are removed and await a better implementation in the future
  • Muon supports offline installation of packages and gains a .deb format thumbnailer plugin
  • Improvements are made to the artistic style formatter in KDevelop
  • A "Color Label Selector" is implemented in Digikam, which also sees an update of its internal libraw library which provides improved support for more cameras
  • Support for asynchronous SFTP downloading is implemented in kio_sftp
  • BlueDevil can now share files with an OBEX FTP server
  • Initial work on a user interface to control change tracking options in Calligra
  • Cirkuit gains options for manual and automatic backend selection
  • The functionality for creating a Table of Contents in Calligra Words is improved
  • The game dialog of Knights is redesigned
  • A large refactoring of the code for the KPatience game is done
  • Bug fixes in Kst, the Kipi plugins, Digikam, power management, kdelibs, the Plasma Desktop, KDE-PIM, Calligra/KOffice, Amarok, Kopete, and KTorrent
  • Plasma-addons, kdebase, kdelibs, the KDE Build Tool and KDE’s Qt copy (qt-kde) move to Git.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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It's nice to see all the commit digests coming out. Keep it up!