KDE Commit Digest for 20 February 2011

In the latest KDE Commit-Digest:

  • New "processor information" page and FreeBSD fixes in KInfoCenter
  • Calendar fixes for the Indian National Calendar
  • Work in system-config-printer-kde
  • Fixes throughout kdelibs including crashes due to lack of disk space
  • New charsets and a charset conversion tool in Okteta
  • Support for Mercurial and BitBucket in KDevelop
  • Voice navigation support in Marble
  • New Bulgarian keyboard layout in Ktouch
  • New plugin "Generate Graph" in Rocs
  • Work in Gluon including the start of an animated sprite renderer
  • More work on Color Labels and Toolbar layout in Digikam
  • Dependency on libplasma removed from kwineeffects library in KWin
  • Workthroughout Plasma and Plasma-mobile
  • Start to annotation cleanup in Nepomuk
  • Updated holidays for Korea, Croatia, UK, and Hungary in KHolidays (KDE-PIM)
  • Improved PPT, DOC, and DOCX support and work on SmartArt in Calligra amongst bugfixing and optimizations
  • Krdc and Krfb ported to new Telepathy
  • New "networkmanagement" dataengine and bugfixes in Knetworkmanager
  • Performance optimizations to previews in Dolphin
  • Bugfixing in Kamoso.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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Another great week! I am looking forward to many of the things in this list. And voice navigation in Marble? Impressive.