KDE Commit Digest for 27 February 2011

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Calligra continues its activity including PPT and PPTX file support and an experimental Google Spreadsheets plugin
  • Work throughout Phonon and its backends including an improved finding of virtual devices from ALSA
  • KDevelop sees the implementation of a new shell command interface and improvements to the Valgrind parser and Ruby language support
  • A new interactive legend in Kalzium
  • Further work on Pick and Color Labels in Digikam
  • Major work on the PublicTransport Plasma applet
  • Keyboard navigation support added to the calendar applet
  • Work throughout Plasma-Mobile
  • Support for added to Tellico collection management software
  • New "partial seeding" extension in KTorrent
  • New configurable Samba browsing in system-config-printer-kde, the printing GUI
  • Get Hot New Stuff support for the new template system in Cirkuit
  • KDE Platform 4/Qt4 porting of KMLDonkey has begun
  • FreeBSD fixes in Gwenview
  • Bugfixing in KDE-Libs including Kioslaves
  • Bugfixing in KGPG, Amarok and KDE-PIM
  • Kolourpaint, KRuler, Skanlite, KSanePlugin, and KSnapshot move to Git

Read the rest of the Digest here.