KDE Commit Digest for 13 March

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Improved support for DOC, ODF, and Google Docs along with general bugfixing in Calligra
  • Work in Necessitas on the unofficial Android port of Qt and Qt-Creator including making the Maemo support more generic and a JAVA implementation for QT Image Capture
  • Major work on Akonadi-Facebook
  • Marble integration in KAddressbook and beginning of reverse geocoding support
  • Implementation of a new memory-bounded pooler thread in Krita
  • Work throughout Phonon including a DVD menu navigation interface and improvements to state handling in the Gstreamer backend
  • Series of crash related bug fixes in Rekonq
  • Work on autocompletion in KDev-Python and general bugfixing in KDevelop
  • Implementation of one click operations for all selected images in Digikam
  • Work in Plasma-Mobile including new data engines and mobile phone applets
  • Further work on Oxygen-GTK and new Oxygen icons
  • Feature work and bugfixing in Skrooge
  • Default keyboard shortcuts now synced between Konsole and Yakuake
  • Integration of KSpeech to speak computer's moves in Knights
  • Search modes added to the Search Panel in Dolphin
  • Optimizations and refactoring in Kdesrc-Build
  • General bugfixing in Gluon, KDE-PIM, Konversation, libksane, KIO, Kst, and throughout Kdelibs and Kde-Workspace.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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Dear Commit-Digest readers,

I forgot to mention above that this digest issue includes an interview with Sven Brauch who introduces his work on Python support in KDevelop.


I really enjoy going through whole commits and find the oldest-bug which is being fixed.

Since this week, im going to share it with you:

This week's champion is Martin Gräßlin, for fixing bug 192476 which is near 5 years old!

Good job, but I presume you meant bug 129476?


Oh, right, sorry!
This project is still in beta phase :p

If this is your passion, you are both welcome to come help out with the digest. :)