KDE Commit Digest for 3 April 2011

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Initial implementation of new shadows in KWin
  • Bugfixing and feature work throughout Calligra, including further work supporting missing MS Office 2003 autoshapes, improved support for DOC, DOCX, and ODF file formats, a new EPUB-ODF import filter, and work on an initial Modern Menu implementation and a new map widget in Kexi
  • Improved support for 3G connections in NetworkManagement along with other bugfixes
  • Work on KDevelop-Python
  • Support for Windows Live Photo Gallery tags in Digikam
  • Application uninstall feature added to Kickoff
  • Work throughout Skrooge including improvements to category editing and initial work on a Scheduled Operations applet
  • Work on handling multiple selections in DVD ripping view in K3B
  • Phonon-Gstreamer now supports subtitles
  • Memory usage optimizations for big puzzles and replacement of the tabwindow interface by a standard XMLGUI window in Palapeli
  • Improved handling of URL drag and drop handling in Rekonq along with other bugfixing
  • Mechanism for adding new contacts and spell checking added to Telepathy
  • The Wacom Tablet KConfig Module now has an extra tab page for touch features and support for different tablet areas for the stylus and touch
  • Rework of panel management in Krusader
  • Improved handling of special characters in Owncloud's media player
  • Feature and usability work on guidance mode and the routing info box in Marble
  • Repair of printing regressions in KHTML
  • Bugfixing in Oxygen-GTK.

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Could you please implement the feature to the Digest that one could click on git diff URLs? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you :)

Agreed. We have been looking in to this -- do you or anyone else know of a way to access git diffs online?


You can find some KDE websites on topic git here:

From this list maybe you need commits.kde.org or gitweb.kde.org.

An impressive set of changes across the board. In particular, the rate of progress on Calligra these days is exciting to see.

To create a new Digest we need to review quite a number of commits each week--KDE developers are very busy these days! In order to improve the Digest, produce it in time and make our readers happy (our ultimate goal!) we would appreciate some helping hands...

It is easy (you do not have to be a programmer) and it is fun!

Volunteer here and join our mailing list.

It is not time consuming--an hour per week already makes a big difference.

I agree, I haven't tried Calligra yet, but every Digest mentions some progress, so that's great. It's good to see competition in the office space, as LibreOffice seems to be quite active as well and cleaning up the OpenOffice.org code base.

Thanks for the Digests, by the way, it's good to see them regularly now.

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