KDE Commit Digest for 10 April 2011

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • KIO Proxy continues to receive an overhaul for KDE 4.7 with fixes and features including SOCKS proxy support, functions for obtaining multiple proxy URL addresses and support for obtaining system proxy information on Windows and Mac platforms
  • Amidst much bugfixing, Calligra gains a map widget in Kexi, improved xlsx support, initial porting to the new textlayout-library, "search from cursor" support, improved OpenOffice.org interoperability, and a more robust table of contents generator
  • Work to turn KMix into a plasmoid alongside work on improved PulseAudio support, UTF-8 support, and memory leak fixes
  • The start of a new simple editor and re-written spellchecking support in Parley
  • Further work on the routing manager in Marble amidst much bugfixing
  • Digikam's theme engine is ported to KDE's engine, closing 7 related bugs
  • Large merger of Exif, Iptc, and Xmp editors into a common dialog in Kipi-Plugins
  • Amongst much bugfixing, KDevelop gains support for predefined indentation styles and a Python interpreter using Kross
  • A new code import wizard in Umbrello
  • SVG file support and EPS and PDF export added to Kst
  • KWin gains support for diagonal navigation in mouse emulation
  • Plasma widgets gain access to the QScriptEngine
  • Improvements to Storage and File Watch services in Nepomuk deprecate the removable storage service
  • Much bugfixing and work on Rekonq leading up to 0.7 release
  • Initial avatar support and tootips added to Telepathy-Contact-List amongst other bugfixes
  • Further work on Oxygen-GTK and new Oxygen icons
  • Ksaolaji gains profiles, a marbletilecache cleaner and basic NewStuff support
  • Implementation of Achievement and Forum services in Attica
  • More touch options added to the Wacom Tablet KCModule
  • Object-Oriented Rewrite System (OORS) highlighting rules added to Kate
  • Improvements to the animated sprite renderer in Gluon
  • Adblock fixes in KWebKitPart
  • Much bugfixing throughout KDE-PIM and NetworkManagement.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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Great work keeping the commit digest up to date Danny!!

Ouch, I accidentally voted you up before reading the last word.

Danny apparently wasn't even directly involved with this digest. He built the platform (for which we are grateful, of course), but this digest was compiled by:

Marco Krohn
Vladislav Blanton
Marta Rybczynska
Dominik Tritscher

Thank you, guys!

Hehe, yes - full credit for these Digests must go to the people listed above (and to the top right of each issue) :)

I'm still lurking around, but I mostly only fix Enzyme issues as they appear so that others can continue doing their good work!