KDE Commit Digest for 15 May 2011

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Further bugfixing, optimization and feature work in Calligra including improved DOC, DOCX, WMF, MSO and SVM file support
  • Krita sees an updated Phong Bumpmap and Get Hot New Stuff support for presets
  • A group of database-related bugs fixed in Digikam
  • The Strigi Indexer has been moved to a separate process to allow for a more robust Nepomuk Service
  • KTorrent sees a revamped Scanfolder plugin
  • Copy/paste support and "ctrl+mouse wheel" zooming integrated in Step
  • KCalendarSystem and the Locale KCM now support alternative (localized) Week Number Systems
  • New Date/Time widgets developed by the KDE-PIM team moved to KDE-Libs alongside bugfixing
  • KWin now supports raster graphics and has basic multihead support
  • Option to wake from suspend for a selected alarm in KDE-PIM
  • NetworkManagement sees bugfixing and automatic BSSID selection support
  • Support for MMS in KGet allowing multiple connections per download
  • Continued work on folder icons, this time 22x22, in Oxygen
  • More robust DAAP protocol parsing in Amarok alongside other bugfixing
  • Bugfixing and optimization in Juk
  • Layout improvements in Muon
  • Bugfixing in KDE-Workspace, KMyMoney, and Ark.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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by Anonymous (not verified)

Just wanted to say thank you for another nice Commit Digest.

by Anonymous (not verified)

First the server was down for maintenance for some time, now I get a persistent "Issue cannot be found"

Thanks, the site is reachable now.

This is really interesting option....
Option to wake from suspend for a selected alarm in KDE-PIM.
I presume by suspend it can also be suspend2RAM/disk and even S5