KDE Commit-Digest for 5th June 2011

This week, the Commit Digest includes a featured article about Kst, the fastest real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool.

Also in this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Work on C++0x support in KDevelop, including support for variadic template parameters in the parser, new browser-like tabs, and many bugfixes throughout KDevPlatform
  • In Plasma, suspend/hibernate services added to the powermanagement dataengine, battery applet replaced with QML port from Plasma-Mobile, and many bugfixes
  • Work on .xlsx, .doc, and VML support in Calligra, along with support for baseline shift, a new preset chooser widget in Krita, initial commit of the Krita Animator plugin, and much bugfixing
  • Further bugfixing and work on NM09 support in NetworkManagement including manual setting of speed and duplex mode for ethernet and advanced permission settings
  • Work on Kartesio (plots the best fit of a mathematical curve) to support scientific notation
  • Finishing work on Cantor's Scilab backend
  • GSOC work on making the canvas use the new QGraphicsView in Umbrello
  • Oxidization data added to elements in Kalzium
  • GSOC work on Commit Dialog in Dolphin, among additional bugfixing
  • Start of javascript API support in Share-Like-Connect, among other work
  • Further work on Telepathy-Presence-Applet
  • More work on IM icons in Oxygen
  • Improved file uploader and work on the media player in OwnCloud
  • Use of Qt gesture framework in Marble
  • Bugfixing in Konqueror, KWin, KDE-PIM, KMyMoney, Amarok, and Juk

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This week's champion is (again!) Dawit Alemayehu for fixing bugs 77169, 116639 and 158124 each of them being more than 7, 5 and 3 years old!

"KURLCompletion::ExeCompletion lists directories instead of executables"

"kurlcompletion doesn't complete executables in $PATH in kopenwith dialog"

"URL completion doesn't list all files/dirs in the directory"

by Anonymous (not verified)

Awesome ;)

Simply, KDE is great.

3 months I've been using openSUSE and KDE, with the best implementation and integration with YaST. And I must say I'm excited, proud and completely satisfied with KDE.

I can not believe that being an environment as configurable, customizable, useful, without distraction, powerful and stable, not as major distros default. At least openSUSE and Mandriva already implemented by default.

While Gnome 3 removes the personality of its environment, KDE adds more.

Hopefully KDE never change. You are at least 10 years ahead to be so, that I can tinker all you want and that will not change.

I know things still had not seen before and each time I find myself more.

Now is the time to start working with openSUSE and KDE, along with C + +, QML, QT Java Creator. Because soon I will join the development!.

Thanks for providing all this, the KDE team. A greeting.

by Anonymous (not verified)

As for me, since the first days I'm completely in love with KDE. I'm amazed by the style, the usability, all the great innovations that make my life and work a pleasure.

So, developers, you all deserve a long, long hug and kisses to those who appreciate them.

I know some people sometimes give you hard times. Don't listen. Look at the amazing piece of software you made and think of all those people like me who love seeing their computer start KDE each day and enjoy each single piece of awesomeness being in it.