Could You Be the Voice of Marble?

Be the voice of Marble

Thousands of people use Marble on the Nokia N900 to find their way and explore the world. Become their voice!

Record your voice speaking a handful of turn instructions like "bear left!" and participate in the Voice of Marble contest. With a bit of luck, your voice will be chosen as the default speaker for voice guidance in Marble's next version (1.2, to be released in July 2011).

We're looking for an English speaker (male or female) whose voice will be shipped with the Marble packages. And we're also looking for alternative speakers for each language supported by KDE - at least one each, and that's a lot!

Please participate in the contest and spread the word among your friends. The five best contributions will get a cool Marble T-shirt as a little present.

Interested? Please head over to the Voice of Marble wiki page which contains all the details you need to participate. The deadline for submissions is July 15th 2011.

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I would love to have the voice of Lydia Pintscher in my navigation system.

Listen to Chani's voice, she's got a really soft and smooth voice! :)

by Anonymous (not verified)

Who wouldn't want Whoopi Goldberg telling them where to go!?

Morgan Freeman would be a close second.

by Anonymous (not verified)

or Ann Widdecombe

by Anonymous (not verified)

I love her voice too :D

by Anonymous (not verified)

i love Chani's voice too, looking to hear more from her.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Instead of a boring "You have reached your destination" I would really love to hear her "Da da daaa, there it is!" from

at 2m29s.

Who needs synthies, sampler, effects, ... for sound effects, when we can have this! ;)

by Anonymous (not verified)

I've heard that a study was conducted among pilots and it was found that pilots (most of them male) responded better to a female voice. I think the inverse would happen to women. Therefore I believe it would make sense to have a male and a female voice.

Yes, ideally I'd like to have at least one male and female speaker for each language. We collect all contributions from the contest and make them available for download and use as alternative speakers in Marble.

For space reasons we will not ship all of them in the Marble packages though. We'll ship one english speaker and maybe also speakers for a selected number of other languages, that's not definite yet. If their desired speaker is not among those, people can easily install an alternative one.

I have often wondered at the potential for marble, with its offline maps, to link in to an offline wiki client such as evopedia, and perhaps geotagged photos from your camera client.

And then i came across this:

Is it intended that marble should one-day include this kind of functionality?

by Anonymous (not verified)

why not espeak for a fall back, then you can choose

by Anonymous (not verified)

the mysterions?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Why not use computer generated voices?

by Anonymous (not verified)

So this is the day before final submittals are due. before I submit recordings, just wondering... am I doing this for free since the recordings will be licensed under the creative commons law?? I guess it will look good on the resume...

Yes, you're doing this for free. We extended the deadline until 2011-07-20, so you have some more days to work on it.