KDE Commit-Digest for 10th July 2011

This week, the Commit Digest includes an article on the new Share Like Connect project and recent work done on Nepomuk for KDE Release 4.7.

Also in this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Work on C++0x support in KDevelop
  • Flag-based annotation and an image export dialog are added to KStars
  • Marble gains read-only routing support in QML, Qt components and OpenCaching plugins and a QML-Meego interface
  • A panorama wizard is added to the Kipi plugins
  • A new activity manager arrives that uses Plasma Active and a basic task manager using QML
  • KDE's font installer can now download fonts via GHNS (Get Hot New Stuff)
  • The webbrowser in Plasma Mobile gets working web shortcuts
  • The Nepomuk Web Extractor has been ported to DMS and sees work on various features
  • In Krita, the freehand tool is ported to the Strokes Framework which improves responsiveness and possibly speed
  • Also in Krita, a preview of changes made to the layer is implemented, support for OpenRaster is improved and many smaller improvements to the user interface are made
  • The Krita animator plugin receives loop support for its player and improved performance
  • Calligra Words receives improvements to the insertion of citations and the bibliography management
  • In Kexi, mobile plugin editing and saving of records is implemented
  • The SSL dialog in Rekonq is improved
  • Much work is done on Gluon
  • OwnCloud gets various new features, including file synchronization
  • Performance optimization in Marble, digiKam, Strigi and KHTML
  • The borders around game canvases are removed in KDE Games
  • Many bugfixes in Kate, Calligra, Amarok and to a lesser degree in Nepomuk, KDE-PIM, KMyMoney, Network Management and Kopete.

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