KDE Commit-Digest for 17th July 2011

This week's KDE Commit-Digest brings two featured articles: Milian Wolff writes about his work on C++2011 support in KDevelop and Dominik Haumann presents improvements in Kate Variable Editor. The changes review brings:

  • Work on C++2011 support in KDevelop continues.
  • KStars gains a program to write NOMAD data to MySQL, GSoC work on FOV export, speed optimizations and a fix in file seek.
  • From the security-related changes, there is improved protection against spoofing attacks in URLs in KWebkitpart.
  • Resource storage support is improved in KDE-Runtime.
  • Karbon now supports moving objects between layers.
  • User interface improvements can be seen in PublicTransport, including new alarm configuration and colors in filter menus.
  • KMail and KGraphViewer, independently, see performance improvements in font handling.
  • SSL support in Rekonq gets cleanup and improvements.
  • Among the other changes, we can see bugfixes in KDE-PIM, KMyMoney, Calligra, K3B and PublicTransport.

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