KDE Commit-Digest for 18th March 2012

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Akonadi improves Google Applets and Exchange 2003 support
  • Simon introduces additional "finalize" step for command plugins
  • KWin now supports live updates for thumbnails in tabbox and a new example script: "demands attention on current desktop," along with many bugfixes
  • KDevelop adds the ability to store a .kdev4 file in a project directory, opening files at a given line, and includes further work on a new debugger, as well as many bugfixes
  • Kdesrc-Build introduces support for bzr (libdbusmenu-qt).
  • Tab completion and smart completion implemented across Cantor's backends including Maxima, Qalculate, Sage, Octave and Scilab
  • Okular introduces improved support for videos in pdf documents
  • Work in Plasma Active on threaded models and multitouch selecting
  • Dolphin introduces support for dynamic roles
  • In Calligra, Krita introduces a texturing paintop option and Karbon improves XFig support, along with many bugfixes throughout it's applications
  • Much work on Media Center, which now supports loading backends, playing media and storing thumbnails
  • In Kdenlive, image sequences can now start at an arbitrary frame
  • Rekonq introduces support for Google Sync Bookmarks along with many bugfixes
  • Many improvements to the KDE Sprints website
  • KTorrent adds IPv6 support to DHT (BEP 32) and improves DHT code
  • Bug fixes in KDE-PIM, Oxygen-GTK, KDE Telepathy, Umbrello, Digikam, Plasma, Muon, and Massif-Visualizer
  • Krita 2.4 is dedicated to the memory of Jean Giraud Moebius

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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by Anonymous (not verified)

kdesrc-build != KDevelop!

yes, thanks for noticing, i'll fix that now.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Whoa ... when did this happen? Anyway, now that I'm over the shock, how can I test it? I am assuming I can create a mail source which is not plain IMAP but exchange based with push email support etc.

by Anonymous (not verified)

No links at "Diffs: 1, 2" in the Bug Fixes section of the Commit Digest like there used to be? Is there another quick way to have a look at diffs?

They are linked up for commits pulled from svn but not from git. I believe we looked into this before, but i'll try and look into it again.