KDE Commit-Digest for 25th March 2012

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Work in Umbrello towards supporting the automatic layout of diagrams and exporting to the graphviz dot format, along with optimization, bugfixes, and further migration of qt3 classes to qt4
  • KDevelop sees further work on the new debugger, which now displays variable values in tooltips and has a proper queue and optimization
  • Kig refactors and improves the PGF/TikZ exporter
  • Digikam includes further work to support XMP sidecar files and fixes to compile on ARM processors
  • Okular's PDF Generator can now handle embedded movies
  • Dolphin (and Kdebase) now includes support for additional mouse buttons (forward, backward) for history navigation
  • Fancytasks 1.1.0 "Back in game" adds many improvements including toggle fullscreen, minimize, maximize and other actions, support for showing tasks from current activity only, own pin task action, per launcher task connecting rules and many bugfixes
  • QZeitgeist addd support for retrieving thumbnails for URLs
  • Kwin adds proper key navigation to layout-based window switchers and new "Present Windows" like Window Switcher layout, along with bugfixes
  • KWebkitPart adds HTML 5 local storage functionality, fixing broken behavior when using Owncloud services
  • KDE PIM improves the settings import, along with optimization and many bugfixes
  • Calligra improves the visual manipulation of tables, docx comments support, and Krita adds color mixing to the deform brush, along with many bugfixes
  • Plasma Media Center implements keyboard naviation along with many other essential components for a media player
  • Kdenlive now supports dragging from the effect stack to another clip and a new reset effect
  • Amarok introduces an improved Free Music Charts script
  • KMLDonkey introduces a new QML-based version for the N9 (and Meego) and improves performance for slower internet connections
  • Kde Telepathy introduces a new calling UI, support for video calls, improved support for Adium themes, display of recent group chats, and other improvements, optimizations and fixes
  • Oxygen monospace font improvements
  • Muon supports multithread object creation, improved UI for software sources, and bugfixes and optimizations
  • Kajongg introduces its own game server at kajongg.org.
  • KSudoko adds settings to control the look and feel of 3-D puzzles and three new Roxdoku puzzles
  • Kdegames now includes support for players chatting with each other
  • Bugfixes in Konsole, Kate, Help Center, KMix, Folderview, Oxygen-GTK, KGPG and Knights

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by Anonymous (not verified)

very nice improvments,GO KDE!