KDE Commit-Digest for 1st April 2012

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • KDev-Python's new debugger gains a DUChain-supported local declaration list
  • Digikam adds loc.alize.us support to their geolocation service
  • Okular now remembers exact bookmark positions and more than one bookmark per page
  • KWin adds Global Shortcut support for scripts and scripted effects and cursor-key navigation to Flip Switch and Cover Switch effects
  • Kickoff can now be used only with a keyboard
  • Katepart improves their auto-bracketing feature
  • Plasma applet Miniplayer reaches version 2.3, adding a track properties dialog, improved filtering and other improvements
  • NEPOMUK enables Virtuoso inference on all queries and includes optimization fixes
  • Calligra further unifies toolbox behavior across all its programs, implements support for loading/saving layer locks in the OpenRaster file format (ORA) and includes numerous bugfixes
  • Calligra's Krita adds a textured painting option for brushes inspired by David Revoy's article
  • Amarok adds the ability to move track position bookmarks by dragging
  • Konversation adds an option to restrict logging to private conversations
  • KMLDonkey releases 2.1.2 and 2.1.3, including various bugfixes, optimizations and new features
  • KAuth introducing unit tests, completing all the needed requirements to be ready for being part of frameworks
  • KSCD, JuK, and other applications in KDE Multimedia can now build outside of KMM
  • Plasma Mediacenter improves its playlist
  • Bugfixes in Jovie, KDevelop, KDE-Workspace, KDE-PIM, KMyMoney, Phonon-Gstreamer and Phonon-VLC.

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